Monday, November 6, 2017

Bus Rides to Distant Lands

1. The Return
HELLO FRIENDS:) so I spent almost all week outside of my area in exchanges. On Tuesday I was able to return to my homeland (first area) in Salgado Filho! The AP´s area moved to there so now we go there for splits! I was happy to see some people I knew and teach there again. One member even told me I looked skinny!
my return to Salgado Filho

The first of many bus rides this week

2. Rosario do Sul- LZ Viajante
I visited our beloved Elders in this city this week! I love to go out with newer missionaries and try and pass some of my knowledge/experience to them! Having an amazing day to excite and inspire another missionary always helps.
 with Elder Ranger in Rosario


Elder Rawson and Elder Gates 

THE BEACH (kinda)

BEACH SELFIE (river beach- the best I`ll see in my mission)

3. "Há segurança em obediência!"
There is safety in obedience! This phrase is so true in missionary work and in living the Gospel. When we obey the small and simple commandments that God gives us, we are blessed. I have also learned that when we obey for love, instead of for obligation, we are able to be MORE blessed!
I know that this is God´s church and that this is His work, and I couldn't be more happy than to serve in his work!:)

With love,
Elder Rawson
ALMA 26:12


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