Monday, November 20, 2017

HELLOOOO my family and friends. I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and my 20th bday:)

1. God knows better
We´ve been killing it lately! We've been blessed to be guided to people who really are interested in the Gospel of Christ. We were searching through the area book for some old names and we felt inspired to visit a couple! The next day we showed up there and they answered the door with eyes wide open. That morning they had been talking and said, "It´s been 6 months since the Elders came... But if they really are men inspired of God, He will send them here today." And there we were! I felt so happy that I could be an instrument in God´s hands. He points the way, and we follow.

2. Goals and Planning
I've  learned the importance setting goals for things you want to accomplish in life and then setting a plan to get it done. We've  been struggling to get our good investigators to church on Sundays, so we set a goal of 5 people then worked all week to get in done... And God gave us 7 investigators at church! Super cool experience.

3. Conference Talks
Lately I've been studying and listening to conference talks and I've been amazed at the impact it´s had in my life! The Prophet's words are the words of God, God´s literal will for your life. I've  been amazed to read and hear things that I know applied directly to me. I invite all of you to pull up a recent conference talk and study it- and then wait for the revelation to come!:)

love you all!
Elder Rawson

Omni 1:26
Me and my comp 

Teaching a lesson with a Member

A Sunday selfie

Jedi Rawson

Friday, November 17, 2017

Heating Up!

1. Overview
Hellooooo everyone! This week was super good and we were blessed to see the Lord´s hand every day! We´re working with a ton of incomplete families, and we´re happy with the progress we´re seeing! The sun is heating up here, and being a missionary in Brazil during the summer is tough!

2. An FHE to remember
Every Thursday we have FHE at the chapel with the 2 branches in the city, and it´s great to have that interaction with members and investigators! This week as part of the message I had to do 3 pushups for every person that came to represent the Atonement of Christ. My arms were a bit sore after to say the least considering the fact that it´s been 1 year and 4 months since I´ve been in a gym! Who knew I would miss my crossfit?!;)

I know that God loves us and takes care of the details in our lives.
Elder Rawson

our district

my hot new tie

walking to a lesson

Lesson with Michael & Gabriel

our fearless ward mission leader!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Bus Rides to Distant Lands

1. The Return
HELLO FRIENDS:) so I spent almost all week outside of my area in exchanges. On Tuesday I was able to return to my homeland (first area) in Salgado Filho! The AP´s area moved to there so now we go there for splits! I was happy to see some people I knew and teach there again. One member even told me I looked skinny!
my return to Salgado Filho

The first of many bus rides this week

2. Rosario do Sul- LZ Viajante
I visited our beloved Elders in this city this week! I love to go out with newer missionaries and try and pass some of my knowledge/experience to them! Having an amazing day to excite and inspire another missionary always helps.
 with Elder Ranger in Rosario


Elder Rawson and Elder Gates 

THE BEACH (kinda)

BEACH SELFIE (river beach- the best I`ll see in my mission)

3. "Há segurança em obediência!"
There is safety in obedience! This phrase is so true in missionary work and in living the Gospel. When we obey the small and simple commandments that God gives us, we are blessed. I have also learned that when we obey for love, instead of for obligation, we are able to be MORE blessed!
I know that this is God´s church and that this is His work, and I couldn't be more happy than to serve in his work!:)

With love,
Elder Rawson
ALMA 26:12


Monday, October 30, 2017

Baptizing Jesus

1. Baptizing Jesus & Jennifer
That's right, this week we had a baptism of a kid named Jesus! I joked with my comp all week that he's the Lamanite version of John the Baptist:) We spent all week planning every little detail, and Saturday morning we had some setbacks. So we decided to say a special prayer and in the end everything went perfectly! I`m grateful that the Lord worries about and takes care of the little things.

The Baptism

2. Priesthood Power
This week we had zone conference! I was asked to conduct the conference and me and Elder Lopes gave a training. The day before I got sick and was worried that I wouldn't be able to fulfill my responsibilities, so I asked for a priesthood blessing. The next morning I woke up feeling great and everything went smoothly. I´m grateful for the power of the priesthood!

We passed in Urugauy on our trip to Livramento for zone conference!!! I can now say I've been in 2 South American countries.
zone conference in Livrament
 3. It´s too good to be true!
This area has a lot of part member families, and this week a couple that was recieving the Elders got married so the husband can be baptized! Well we felt strongly one night that we should go visit them and when we showed up I saw something that I was yet to see in 1 year and 3 months on the mission.... The family's Home Teachers!! Together we left a message and a blessing on the home. I´m grateful for faithful members of the church.

love you all:)
Elder Rawson

Rainbow after the rainstorm

our jungle visit

studying the good word of God

Natanael -- coolest RM ever!

The greatest of all sodas- guarana Jesus!

zone leaders Elder Lopes and Elder Rawson

Monday, October 23, 2017

Brazil Has My Heart

1. Update from Brasil
Hello everyone, things are going real well here and the Lord is blessing me in every moment! My new branch is amazing, the members here are super involved in missionary work. We had 6 investigators at church! I gave a talk, the 9th in 15 months, and I must say it went well. Our shower broke this week so we had 3 days of ice showers. You never count the small blessings until they're gone!

2. English Class- Felipe
My English class here in São Gabriel is coming along well! It’s mostly just members but there is a man who comes every week! We visited him and he has 0 religious background and beliefs, but he said that he usually has problems focusing in classes, but at English class
in the church when we start with a prayer he focuses noticeably better! Made me feel happy.

3. The sacrifice of the Brazilian Saints
The members here in Brazil are amazing! They truly are willing to give it all to the Lord to help build his kingdom. We're working with a part member family, and one of the girls is turning the big 15, but they didn't have much to give her a party or even a cake... So we told the YW pres and she got on it and threw a huge party! Now the rest of the family is progressing towards baptism... I love the people of Brazil with all my heart <3

Elder Rawson

Monday, October 16, 2017

Lose Yourself and Go to Work!

1. Mission counsel in Santa Maria 
Helloooo everyone! Transfer week is always crazy. Monday night we traveled to Santa Maria for our mission counsel meeting! We talk about how we can make the mission better and overcome our weaknesses, and then receive training from President Louza! I enjoy passing by the city that I love so much.

2. New Area/Branch
So now I´m with my new comp, Elder Lopes, and we´re working in the other branch on the other side of town! We got here knowing nothing, but thank goodness the Elders before left the area book with addresses and a map! We spent all week running around getting to know the members and investigators and trying to find someone who´s ready for baptism! I´m grateful to have the Spirit with me to lead and guide me in every moment.
Me and Elder Lopes

3. Just go to Work!
This week President came to town for district conference, and he interviewed me and we had a great talk! We talked a lot about my zone, my area, and my progress as a missionary. At the end he asked me if I was having any difficulties, and I realized that I've been so busy serving that I haven't even had time to think about me! I know that when we lose ourselves 100% in the work that God takes care of us.

I testify that this is Christ's church and that The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth and that we should study it every day!

com amor por todos,  (with love for everyone)
Elder Rawson

our send of crew when Elder Loureiro left.

mission counsel friends

 I saw some friends during transfers

 our district

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ending the transfer with a bangg

1. Baptism of Guilherme
This week we saw a miracle that we never quite expected to happen... Guilherme was baptized! He spent his whole life as a dedicated member of another church but started receiving the missionaries 4 months back... It was hard for him to accept Sunday worship,  the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, BUT when he prayed and got an answer and "left everything, and followed Christ." His Pastor was furious, his family doesn't support him but he knew what was right and he did it! His story is such a testimony to me that Christ really restored His church and answers our prayers!

New Convert Guilherme is 22 years old and wants to serve a mission.

The baptism of Guilherme

2. Our visit to Pomares
So there is a little villa that is part of our area that's about 2 hours away on foot called "Pomares." This week we really felt inspired to visit there, contact a few addresses, and plant some seeds! So off we went and it was easy to see what God had prepared for us! Every house that we knocked let us in. It was amazing!

Some cool pictures of our area

Elder Rawson in beautiful Brazil

3. New Transfer
So sadly I´ll be saying goodbye to my favorite companion, Elder Loureiro, today.... He was amazing and I´ll forever be grateful for our time together! I was also shocked when President told me that I would be transferred to the other branch in the city! So I've got a new area, members, and comp! I know God will strengthen me and make miracles happen.

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

working with Elder Loureiro

Tie game on point

Brazilian children are amazing!
Elders with branch President's family
pre-conference picture
Our district

my two favorite irmas

Morning running adventures

Elder Childs (an Elder I live with)  loves to run, so we go a couple of times a week