Monday, January 22, 2018

Call Me Cupid

1. God´s blessing the work
I´m blessed to say that everything is going super well down here in Brazil! We've been seeing miracles as our investigators come to accept Christ and His restored church! We teach lots of youth, who are super open to our message, but we are also teaching 4 couples! Well, none of them are legally married and therefore cannot be baptized yet, so we've been working hard to get them married! Brazilian laws about marriage are kinda stupid, cause if we had a Las Vegas close by we could solve this issue real quick. But it´s been a great adventure:) #CallMeCupid

2. President Nelson
This week we were all privileged to hear from and see our new prophet, President Nelson! I know he was called of God and will guide this Church exactly where God wants it! Two Elders here had a cool experience- They invited a teenager and his mom to watch the announcement in the church on Tuesday. The mom didn't want her son to be baptized because of her view of our church and 'false prophets'.  But after the broadcast, she turned to the missionaries and said "That man is a prophet of God and my son needs to be baptized here." So right after they put on white clothes and went to the river and he was baptized! Powerful experience.

3. Stake conference
This week we had stake conference in Santa Maria! It was such a great day because I was able see all the members from Salgado Filho and Centro where I have already served! I felt pretty famous when I saw that I know almost everyone in the stake. But what made me happier was that I saw 3 of my converts there, firm in the Gospel! Such a proud moment. Rose is doing great and that was for a sure a happy reunion (see photo 4 below).

Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon so that God can bless you!
Elder Rawson
Alma 34:15

a street view from our house. 
 Enjoying AÇAÍ with my BFF`s on Pday

my English buds from Salgado Filho

My convert Rose with the bishop and his wife:)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Enjoy the Little Moments

1. A splendid week!
HELLO Y´ALL:) This week was full of miracles. The Lord´s hand is ever so present in my life and I love it! The highlight of the week was for sure Kauan's baptism! He was crazy excited. His parents even came out to watch and now we´re working to get them legally married! I was super grateful for the ward's support- it was packed and there wasn't room for everyone so people crowded in the back and into the hallway. Some investigators made it out to church as well that we weren't sure if they would be able, so we´re being super blessed with the progress!

Kauan´s baptism

selfie with the crew


2. Three service projects
As missionaries we´re supposed to always search for planned and unplanned opportunities to serve, and this week we finally were able find some! We painted a grandma´s house and as we were cruising along our day to day plans we saw 2 moving projects that we helped with! People think we´re crazy to offer help with manual labor with a white shirt and tie, but I love it:)

Grateful for opportunities to do service

Our painting project
3. Enjoy the little moments
My time here on the mission has taught me to enjoy the little moments! Just making the best of every little oppurtunity you have. Whether its taking a cold shower after frying in the sun all day, or ordering pizza when you complete "a sister mission" aka 1 year and 6 months. I hope you all can take the time to enjoy the little moments and seek Christ in all that you do.

 a Coca Cola factory in our area


my pizza for 1 year and 6 months of service!

Love you all:)
Moroni 7:34

Monday, January 8, 2018

Am I in Utah?

1. Live from Santa Maria
HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS:) This week went so fast I don´t even remember what happened! We´ve just been going to work, doing our best all day every day! So yesterday we get to church to stand in the door and greet the people who come in... And the people just kept coming and coming and coming! We had almost 200 people in sacrament meeting! Compared to the branch of 50 where I was I felt like I was in Utah! I´m blessed to be in such a great place.

2. The blessing of members
I´m always so grateful for all that the members do for us! They always go out of their way to make sure we have good meals and are taken care of. We have a super cool Irmão named Alessandro that is helping us and being a member missionary! We got a phone call from him and he said that his son has a friend that´s ready to be baptized! He already got the parents permission and everything, we just needed to show up "to teach the lessons." So Saturday we´ll have a Kauan´s baptism! I truly feel like I`m in a Utah ward #blessed

Have a good week, and remember to stick with those new year resolutions;)

Elder Rawson
ALMA 5:45-46

teaching Kauan with his friend João

Family Night with my favorites

a marvelous exchange with my ex comp Elder Loureiro:))

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Return - Santa Maria 2.0

1. When the Lord calls- You go!
So to my surprise I was transferred back to Santa Maria- where I started my mission! I was super happy with the progress we were seeing in São Gabriel and I was content and  hoping to stay more time there, but when the Lord calls, you go! But I am happy with the seeds I left planted, and my old comp Elder Lopes will take good care of everyone:)

2. Hello Santa Marta!!!!!!
On the bright side of things I got transferred to the ward Santa Marta, the most famous area in the mission:) Things here are so nice! The Sunday attendance here is through the roof!  Also our teaching group is literally all references from members and families of recent converts. My new companion is Elder Luz, from São Paulo. I already knew him from early on the mission so I´m pumped to work with him!
My comp Elder Luz and my Utah friend Elder Mckinley

Elder Rawson and Elder Luz

the wedding of our ward mission leader

3. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YÀLL:) When you´re new on the mission they joke that you won´t go home this year, and not even the next year, just in the next! So I`m happy that its 2018- my year! I´m ready to give it my all these last 23 weeks.

our mini New Year's Eve party with recent converts!
Love you all!
Elder Rawson
1 Nephi 3:15

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Best White Christmas Ever

Since it is Christmas Day, and we got to video message with Elder Rawson, he did not send a written update for this last week.  He did however send some pictures.
Feliz Natal - Brazilian Santa Clause

Elder Rawson in beautiful Brazil

The highlight of his week was 3 baptisms!  He said his favorite smell in Brazil is the smell of cleaning products they use to clean the font for baptism!

3 Baptisms for Christmas!

Baptism of Gabriel

Baptism of Jorge

Baptism of Micael

He also knew that he will be transferring from Sao Gabriel  back to Santa Maria tomorrow.  He had mixed feelings about the transfer as he felt that things are going well in Sao Gabriel, but is optimistic about the good things that will happen in Santa Maria.

Adam, Blake, and Grandma watching David say goodbye on Christmas call

Some sweet members in Sao Gabriel also sent us some pictures and videos this week.  We are grateful for the love and kindness they show to Elder Rawson.

Lasagna Lunch with Members

Elder Rawson & Elder Lopes

Christmas Eve Sunday

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sweating Cats and Dogs

And it´s offically summer here down in Brazil! This week was a solid 105 degrees with humidity.  Only rich people have air conditioning, so it´s safe to say I´m sweating cats and dogs! We are blessed though cause people see us walking on the street and feel bad --so they offer us water and to sit in the shade a bit- which turns into a great opportunity to share the Gospel!

2. Light the world FHE
This week we had a special "seja a luz do mundo" family night with members and investigators and it was SUPER special. We passed the challenge from day 12 about taking in and loving strangers- And the love of the Savior really hit me. So many times on my mission people have taken me in and loved me, and the light of Christ really overwhelmed my heart as I was able to bear my testimony to everyone present. I love my mission.

3. The secret to mission work
MEMBERS! Working side by side with the local members is really the key. We´ve been focusing on teaching members friends/families and visiting incomplete families, and we´re being super blessed. I've never had so many good investigators. We were blessed to have 10 investigators at church this week. Our "Domingo do Amigo" (Friend's Sunday) really is working out.

Don´t forget to share the Gospel with someone today so that they can feel the true joy of Christ!

Luke 10:38-42

Elder Rawson

the famous Elder Pereira

our Christmas choir in the city center

Our Christmas choir in the city center featuring a drunk guy

our bff RM Natanael

 sunset in our area

Elder Rawson sliding in to teach you the Gospel:)

 Elder Rawson saving the day:)

Monday, December 11, 2017

2 years to work- Eternity to remember!

1. Christmas
Hello family and friends! I hope this Christmas time is going as good as mine is! There's not a better time to be a representative of Christ. We had a wonderful Christmas conference with half our mission. Me and some of the older missionaries did a skit in the talent show that was well liked (see pic #2 bellow). We also got presents and had an amazing training on how to Light the World!

2. 2 years to WORK
When I was at home I didn't full realize that a mission is two years of work, serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel in every moment! Now that I`m more experienced, I´m doing my best and giving it my all in every moment! This week we really focused on inviting people to church and we were blessed to have 12 INVESTIGATORS come! I was overwhelmed. The Lord really is blessing me and I couldn't be more grateful.

3. Apostasy
This week my testimony of the Apostasy grew! We talked to a lady on the street who attends one of the many churches here in the city, and she was explaining how in her church  they pay 30% tithing, 10% to God, 10% to Jesus, and another 10% to the Holy Ghost! Hahahaha and they announce to all their members not to accept the Mormons in your house, "cause that's how they get you.'" Made me appreciate that God restored His church:)

Love you!
Elder Rawson

#SejaALuzDoMundo (Be the Light of the World)

Skit in talent show
Christmas Presents

Seja a luz do mundo at church

a present from an investigator-mini Elder Rawson

 São Gabriel!!