Monday, October 16, 2017

Lose Yourself and Go to Work!

1. Mission counsel in Santa Maria 
Helloooo everyone! Transfer week is always crazy. Monday night we traveled to Santa Maria for our mission counsel meeting! We talk about how we can make the mission better and overcome our weaknesses, and then receive training from President Louza! I enjoy passing by the city that I love so much.

2. New Area/Branch
So now I´m with my new comp, Elder Lopes, and we´re working in the other branch on the other side of town! We got here knowing nothing, but thank goodness the Elders before left the area book with addresses and a map! We spent all week running around getting to know the members and investigators and trying to find someone who´s ready for baptism! I´m grateful to have the Spirit with me to lead and guide me in every moment.
Me and Elder Lopes

3. Just go to Work!
This week President came to town for district conference, and he interviewed me and we had a great talk! We talked a lot about my zone, my area, and my progress as a missionary. At the end he asked me if I was having any difficulties, and I realized that I've been so busy serving that I haven't even had time to think about me! I know that when we lose ourselves 100% in the work that God takes care of us.

I testify that this is Christ's church and that The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth and that we should study it every day!

com amor por todos,  (with love for everyone)
Elder Rawson

our send of crew when Elder Loureiro left.

mission counsel friends

 I saw some friends during transfers

 our district

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ending the transfer with a bangg

1. Baptism of Guilherme
This week we saw a miracle that we never quite expected to happen... Guilherme was baptized! He spent his whole life as a dedicated member of another church but started receiving the missionaries 4 months back... It was hard for him to accept Sunday worship,  the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, BUT when he prayed and got an answer and "left everything, and followed Christ." His Pastor was furious, his family doesn't support him but he knew what was right and he did it! His story is such a testimony to me that Christ really restored His church and answers our prayers!

New Convert Guilherme is 22 years old and wants to serve a mission.

The baptism of Guilherme

2. Our visit to Pomares
So there is a little villa that is part of our area that's about 2 hours away on foot called "Pomares." This week we really felt inspired to visit there, contact a few addresses, and plant some seeds! So off we went and it was easy to see what God had prepared for us! Every house that we knocked let us in. It was amazing!

Some cool pictures of our area

Elder Rawson in beautiful Brazil

3. New Transfer
So sadly I´ll be saying goodbye to my favorite companion, Elder Loureiro, today.... He was amazing and I´ll forever be grateful for our time together! I was also shocked when President told me that I would be transferred to the other branch in the city! So I've got a new area, members, and comp! I know God will strengthen me and make miracles happen.

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

working with Elder Loureiro

Tie game on point

Brazilian children are amazing!
Elders with branch President's family
pre-conference picture
Our district

my two favorite irmas

Morning running adventures

Elder Childs (an Elder I live with)  loves to run, so we go a couple of times a week

Monday, October 2, 2017

Conferencia Geral!

1. A wonderful confrence weekend
Hellllloooo everyone, I hope your week was as wonderful as mine! Listening to the teachings of latter day prophets is always a good way to spend your weekend! I loved all the talks about how to endure to the end well and not succumb to worldly temptations. My favorite Old Testament scripture was quoted at least 3 times (Proverbs 3:5-6). We watched it at the church building with our Branch and it was great!

2. The Little Victories
This week we were super happy with Guilherme's progress! He spent 10 years in another church and has been hearing the lessons for some time now, and after watching all 4 sessions of conference has accepted a baptism date! I am grateful that the Lord softens the hearts of people to hear our message.

That's all folks! This computer isn't letting me send pics, so apologies mom.

Elder Rawson

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gaúchos, Adventistas, e roupa branca (Gauchos, Adventists, and white clothing)

1. A beautiful day in the Bom Fim Branch
Wow, what a wonderful week it was! We were happy to see 4 baptisms in the Branch this week! We've been teaching Paulo and Aline, the coolest couple ever, and it was so happy to see them be baptized after 1 year of meeting with the missionaries! We even Face-timed their "first elders" so they could share the special day with us. The water in the church ran out as we were filling up the font, so you could say baptizing a 6' 3" Brazilian wasn't an easy task, but he went down on the first try! It was a beautiful day for all who were present.
The baptism!

2. A visit to the Adventista´s church
At least 3 times a week we see a guy from the Seventh Day Advent church at the bus stop who tries to convince us that Saturday is the Sabbath day, and this week he said if we visited his church he would visit ours twice! So Saturday morning we headed out early with the Bible AND the Book of Mormon in hand and we went to his church! Things there were different for sure and I am now a first hand witness that the apostasy was real! Funny experience though.

This week was "cowboy day", the state´s holiday (like July 24th in Utah) and it was super fun! There were men on horses as far as the man could see! I put on my gaucho clothes and headed out (see photos below)! The church was packed that night with the party the members had! Wow, I absolutely love these people.

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

Moroni 8:3
Elders on a tank on gaucho day

Elder Rawson, the Gaucho

Me and my companion in the midst of the cowboy parade

my study desk arrangement

ELDER RAWSON buying ice cream for the zone to celebrate 4 baptisms!

Monday, September 18, 2017


1. Weekly overview
Olá galera, (Hello friends) this week was crazy! Congrats on my cousin Landon for his call to Brazil, you´ll love it. We saw some pretty cool things happen this week. A storm hit this week that overflowed the river and one day we couldn't even enter our area!

I started up the English class here in São Gabriel that´s been going well, a Catholic minister even came! Our investigators are coming along.

Click this link to see a video inviting people to our English class.

Advertisement for English Class

2. Splitssss
This week we went on exchanges with everyone in our zone! It was a crazy week but its always fun to learn with a new missionary. I love to just have an amazing day to inspire and excite our zone!

3. House Checks
President and Sister Louza came by the house this week. We had cleaned all Pday and thought it was spotless, but it´s crazy what female eyes can see:) all in all it was good and we got cookies!

The Elders with President and Sister Louza

Cookies from Sister Louza for passing our cleaning inspection

4. Paulo and Aline
We´re helping a couple stop smoking so they can be baptized, so we had a cool lesson with them this week. We had them stab a shoebox for every time they smoked then when they opened they saw that we had put pictures of Christ inside and that every cigarette makes Christ sad. The Spirit was amazing.

Miracles are a happening here! Life is good.
Elder Rawson

 missionary lunch at Celis'

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fire in Your Bones

1. Mission Tour with Elder Carboni
Hello friends! This week was amazing, and the highlight for sure was the meeting we had with an area seventy. When he shook my hand he looked into my soul! He got up there and preached some deep doctrine that put fire in all our bones! The Spirit was burning inside my heart and there was no way to deny it.

2. September Fun
This week was Brazilian Independence Day and coming up is national cowboy day! We live in the center of the city and there was a huge parade outside our house! Brazil is always looking for a reason to party, hahaha. But man are these people special to me.

3. Bom Fim
Our area here is coming along! We cover a slice of the center and then a bunch of farm land. We walk a lot-- but our investigators are so worth it! We are teaching a family that wants to be baptized, but the wife is deaf and mute so we´re trying to learn sign language to teach her. The worth of souls is great in the eyes of God!

Elder Rawson
D&C 88:78

Lunch(so happy we divide the branch with sisters)

Brazilian Indepence Day parade


the 3 biggest Elders on the mission with President Louza

The 3 biggest elders and my comp!

Monday, September 4, 2017

A New Beginning

1. Welcome to the branch Bom Fim!
Hello yáll! Hope everyone is as good as I am. I´m here in São Gabriel in a branch! Working here is super different than any of my other areas, so I`m learning as I go. The Branch accepted me well and I love the people of Brazil more than words can describe. All is well!

2. New responsibilites
This week was full of training and meetings! Tuesday we had mission counsel and President trained us on how to run our zones and how to be an inspiring leader! We´re in charge of 2 cities and I swear I spend half my life on the phone getting reports on every companionship! I´m learning tons with my new comp, Elder Loureiro, he´s amazing, love him to death.

We have some cool people to teach so I´m excited to help them progress in the Gospel as well!  I love my mission with all my heart and I know that this Gospel is what can lead us back to our loving Father<3

Elder Rawson

3 Nephi 27:19

The shoes of a hard working Elder

Mission counsel

Me, Elder Loureiro, Elder Eyring (we were in splits) and a calf