Monday, November 20, 2017

HELLOOOO my family and friends. I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and my 20th bday:)

1. God knows better
We´ve been killing it lately! We've been blessed to be guided to people who really are interested in the Gospel of Christ. We were searching through the area book for some old names and we felt inspired to visit a couple! The next day we showed up there and they answered the door with eyes wide open. That morning they had been talking and said, "It´s been 6 months since the Elders came... But if they really are men inspired of God, He will send them here today." And there we were! I felt so happy that I could be an instrument in God´s hands. He points the way, and we follow.

2. Goals and Planning
I've  learned the importance setting goals for things you want to accomplish in life and then setting a plan to get it done. We've  been struggling to get our good investigators to church on Sundays, so we set a goal of 5 people then worked all week to get in done... And God gave us 7 investigators at church! Super cool experience.

3. Conference Talks
Lately I've been studying and listening to conference talks and I've been amazed at the impact it´s had in my life! The Prophet's words are the words of God, God´s literal will for your life. I've  been amazed to read and hear things that I know applied directly to me. I invite all of you to pull up a recent conference talk and study it- and then wait for the revelation to come!:)

love you all!
Elder Rawson

Omni 1:26
Me and my comp 

Teaching a lesson with a Member

A Sunday selfie

Jedi Rawson

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