Sunday, July 24, 2016

CTM: Brazilian style!

July 20, 2016 (1st P-day)

Wow what a crazy week it has been! So to spice up your missionary emails I am going to highlight my top 3-5 things that happened that week.

1. CTM, not MTC
Took me like 3 days to figure out that in portuguese it CTM means MTC. But life here is so great!!! It´s a 7 story building and the garden work on this place is beautiful! Naturally they would put us on the 7th floor so we get to climb 108 stairs anytime we want to go to our room. The view from the top is totally worth it though!

2. Portuguese
Who knew this language could be so hard to learn! It´s been the hardest thing I´ve ever done in my entire life. It´s like my hardest day in Calculus 24/7. We´re basically in the classroom for 12 hours a day and they speak basically all portuguese to us. On our first full day here we had to teach a 20 minute lesson in straight portuguese. It was a little rough to say the least! It´s been such a struggle but I can see the Lord helping me receive the gift of tongues. I can already pray and  bear a basic testimony so I´m grateful!

3. Brazilian Food
Boy oh boy have we eaten some weird things this week. Half the time I legit don't know what we´re eating but it´s usually pretty good! The lunch ladies serve us a small main course then if you´re still hungry they have all you can  eat rice and beans and whatever the fruit of the day is! The fruit is so good. Pineapple, watermelon, guava, passion fruit, honeydew, they get it all! They usually serve us this rice soup stuff for dessert that is supposed to be pudding.. Not great but I tell myself I'm going to try everything here! I think I´ve put on a little weight, but the scale is in kilograms so someone let me know the conversion and I´ll get back to you;)

4. São Paulo Temple
Every P-Day we get to go to the temple! It´s literally the prettiest temple I´ve ever been in. We do a session but we don't all fit in one, so as I was waiting for the second they got me and my companion to be witnesses for a sealing. SO cool!

5. District 28 B
My district is sick! it´s all Americans that were on the 14 hour flight with us. My companion is Elder Talbot and he´s from Washington and he's the coolest guy ever! I lucked out bigtime to have such a good one. I´m in the classroom with them from 7:30am-9:30pm and we study hard and have fun!
Well I love and miss you all! I only get 40 minutes for emailing so sorry if my replies are short... Hopefully these pictures work! Trust in the Lord and he can help you do anything!

Much love, Elder Rawson

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