Wednesday, July 27, 2016


July 27, 2016

Week two is in the books! I am the happiest I have ever been, I love it here!

1. O Dom de Linguas (Gift of Tongues)
We have teach a fake investigator every day since we have got here for 20 minutes in Portuguese! This week we picked up a second one too. It is hard, but the Lord blesses us! So super cool experience. We were talking about her church experience the sunday before and she basically asked us why girls did not have the priesthood. We were speechless at first, but then the Spirit took over me and I just started talking and I knew words I had never studied and I was able to answer her question!! It was the strongest I have ever felt the Spirit and it was so so cool. The gift of tongues is real!!

2. Brazilian Amigos
There is only 250 missionaries in the MTC with about 80 americans and 50 from other South American Countries, but everyone is so close! I got to be super good friends with Elder Louza, who is my mission president's son! Amazing guy. Also my roommate Elder Melo speaks poor english, but anytime anyone complains about missionary work he belts, Salvation is not a cheap experience! Eternal Life was not supposed to be easy! Makes us all laugh so hard everytime! Brazilians are the most happy, fun going people I have ever met and I love them so much!

3. Actividad Fisica (Physical Activity)
Most days we get an hour in the morning to exercise! They have a track type thing that we have to run 5 laps on before we can do sports. They have two volleyball courts and one basketball court! the balls are totally egg shaped and beat down but that just adds to the authentic brazilian experience! ha we get some good games going and I love getting out of the classroom to do stuff.

4. Portuguese
Not gonna lie, this language kicked my butt the first week! But this week I have been praying so hard to do well with it and I have done so much better! The Lord answers prayers! During our lessons I can more or less talk instead of reading it which is awesome! The schedule here was tough to adjust to at first, but now times just flying and we are learning so much!

5. Comida (Food)
Turns out I haven't put on weight, even though I have consumed my body weight in pineapple! the fruit here is amazing but the cafeteria food here is getting old... Literally had rice and beans for two meals a day since we got here. But it’s P day so we are gonna load up on snacks! everything here is dirt cheap.
Well I love you all, hope everyone is doing great in their lives!

Much love,
Elder Rawson

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