Monday, November 21, 2016


Time flies when you´re on the Lord´s errand here in the mission field! It´s still crazy to me that I turn 19 this week. Also, happy birthday to my old man and Elder Condie this Saturday!

1. Emergency Transfers!!!
Just when I got settled in for another transfer, President came a calling! I got transferred from Salgado Filho B to Salgado Filho A, so I didn´t even switch beds, but I have a new area and a new compainion! His name is Elder Ferris and he´s AMERICAN! He loves sports so I think we´ll get along just great:)

2. Family night with President Louza
We´re having the area 70 visit our mission this week, so some missionaries in the city got to visit the President´s house to get ready! President Louza gave a small training on using our faith to command miracles in the lives of our investigators, and boy was the Spirit strong! I get the chills every time to teaches us. One day I hope I can become half the man he is! Their house is a 10th story suite in the middle of the city so we got some good pictures too:)

President's House

3. Missionaries before our time
My family sent me a story of my great grandpa, Elder Schumann, who was a missionary in Germany during Hitler's rise to power. The Nazi´s severely restricted his work, and he had to deal with companions who would get drunk, refuse to do the work, and would help get them out of jail at times!! His trials as a missionary make mine look like nothing! He served faithfully for almost 3 years and eventually married my great grandma that he met on his mission, so it just shows if we serve faithfully we´ll be blessed:)

4. The power of agency
I've been pondering this subject as of late, and it´s really a difficult subject. Agency is a missionary's best friend and also our worst enemy. People can choose to slam doors in our faces, missionaries can choose to not follow rules, but it´s through the same principle that people can choose to accept our message and missionaries to be extraordinary! We can´t always control how many baptisms we have, or how many people will accept our message, but we can choose for ourselves to do what´s right! I´ll do my part, and I will do it well. I´ll delight in exact obedience, even when my companion will not. I'll do my absolute best, so one day I´ll be able to stand in front of my Savior and say "I did the Work thou gavest me." I urge you all to decide today to fulfill your individual callings with the same vigor!

Elder Rawson

Splits with Elder Rodrigues

Splits with Elder Fernando

Early birthday party with the one and only Rena

My new companion --Elder Ferris!

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