Monday, November 28, 2016


1. BAPTISM!!!!
We finally got that baptism this week!!!! Leno da Silva decided it was his time! He is a good example of good member work, cause his girlfriend brought him to church where he met the missionaries and the rest is history! He has such a kind heart and nothing brings more joy into your heart than seeing that smile on peoples faces after they come out of the water! Makes all the hard days worth it.

2. Birthday Partyyy
Really, it´s just another normal day of missionary work, but the members here showed me to a good time! We had a dinner of churrasco (brazilian bbq), cake, and Andressa even bought me a new tie! Brazilians members here spoil the heck of us, and I´m blessed to have their help!

3. Elder Costa Visit!!!
This week we had a visit from a member of the 70! He´s the Area President of Brazil, and he made some jokes about how during the millennium he will be President over all of Brazil and such. He told us so many stories about when he was a mission president in Brazil 35 years ago when they only had TWO missions in all of Brazil! They have 34 today, so it´s crazy to see the fruit of the labors of the early missionaries! The testimonies of high up Church leaders still make me shiver. He really lives, and He is guiding his Church today in the final days!

4. Finding Elisandro
We took the initiative of visiting a less active family this week that lives at the end of our area, which is like an hour walk, but we felt like he needed our visit! We´re both still new to the area, but I recognized a street like 5 minutes into our walk and the Spirit was like HOLD UP man! You need to go there! So I took us down the street and saw a house I had tried last transfer during splits, and tried it again! Well a lady brings us in and guess who´s sitting in her living room: ELISANDRO and his family! Apparently his family is good friends with this lady and they were here visiting. We were able to leave a message and that was powerful! We had no idea they would be there, but I was so grateful the Spirit took us to the right house, saved us some walking, and testified to a family that needed to hear it!

com amor,
Elder Rawson
 Leno´s baptism day!!!! 
19TH Birthday cake with Elder Ferris

Another Birthday cake made by Rena Silva

A new Birthday Tie

Churrasco, and yes that´s chicken heart that I´m holding. Yum!

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