Monday, November 7, 2016

"You haven't seen nothing yet!"

Daylight savings here goes the other way so I´m 5 hours ahead of Utah time now!

1. Weather Report
I love being here in Brazil with all my heart, but I can´t say the same about the temperature here! While you North Americans are just starting winter, we´re just starting summer here! It gets pretty cooking, and the humidity here absolutely destroys missionaries! Other missionaries have been saying it´s not even bad yet.. But by the time you step outside in the morning and lock your door you already need to go back to take another shower! The rain here is also pretty fierce when it gets going. Sometimes the walls inside our house are moist like after a hot shower, so that´s something to get used to!

2. Day of the Dead
Halloween isn´t really a thing here, but November 2nd is the Day of the Dead! Sounds creepy but it´s just a day to remember loved ones and put flowers on graves and such. We had a Zone meeting at a cemetery and just talking to people about the Plan of Salvation and how people will see their family members again! It was an uplifting experience for sure.

3. Priesthood Blessings
Our member friend, who we got to console last week, is doing a little better this week, and he asked me to give him a blessing (thank goodness he speaks English). I was panicking a little beforehand on what I would say, but then I remembered the scripture about how you shouldn't worry and the Spirit will give you words in the very moment that you need them! During the blessing I felt the power of the Spirit pumping through my veins, it was awesome! The power of the Priesthood never fails to amaze me.

4. The Power of True Repentance
There is a guy in our ward who was ex-communicated some years back who got re-baptized this week! He decided a year ago that he didn't want to live in his shame and he wanted to repent, and he came back to Church and hasn't missed a Sunday since! His testimony in Sacrament Meeting was powerful. It was a good reminder that no matter how dark of a path we have gone on, the power of the Atonement can bring His Light back into our lives!

Love y'all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Elder Rawson

They may not be very photogenic, but they sure do take good care of us! Thanks Irmã Elisiane!

 Açaí cups are the real deal here!

Had a crazy investigator give us a bunny!!! 

Go Cubs!!

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