Monday, June 19, 2017

Alegrete & Armadillo

First off, Happy 100th birthday to my great Grandma P! You´re a warrior and an example to us all!

1. Armadillo anyone...?
I´m loving the people here in Alegrete! People are super receptive and we are teaching a ton of lessons every week. But this is a smaller town with some more traditional Brazilian cultures. This week our friend Ubirijara offered us some food, and we kinda blindy accepted, and he came out with an armadillo!!!! They eat them all the time I guess, as well as gopher, alligator, and wild hog.
Serving up some armadillo
2. English Class
We decided to take advantage of having two Americans together and started an English class here! We had a decent turnout, and its been fun trying to explain English while slyly teaching them the Gospel! Fernando, our best investigator, went and is coming along well!

3. President Louza´s invite
During transfers President told me he felt super inspired to send me here to Alegrete, and that I should seek to find my purpose here. I got into an area/ward that wasn't going great, and we've been turning it around! The Bishop came up and thanked us for our work and I felt super grateful to be here fulfilling the Lord´s desires for me.

Love you all! Hit up D&C 81:5-6 for some good spiritual food:)
Elder Rawson
A killer lunch we made

CHURRASCO, ribs/lamb/sausage/garlic bread

The sunrises here are amazing!

It's quite  chilly here in the mornings

Kool-Aid from the USA was a hit with some investigators this week

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