Monday, June 5, 2017

All Good Things Come to an End

1. Transfersssss
Well, my 9 months in Santa Maria have come to an end! This week I said goodbye to an amazing ward, Ala Centro, and happy to be heading to ALEGRETE!!! Its a small city 4 hours on a bus away from Santa Maria, and my new comp will be a newbie from Utah! I´m super excited for what the future holds and the miracles the Lord is preparing for us!

Said goodbye to an amazing ward this week.  Love them all!

2. Last week miracles
Naturally in our last week,  half of our good investigators accepted the invitation to prepare for baptism! Rafael, an eternal investigator who likes to Bible bash with us, accepted our invite after we explained the priesthood and how this literally is God´s only church! He loved the Sunday Meetings and he knew some members, so I was happy to see that we left our area better than we found it!

Guys, this Church is so true! The joy that we can feel through keeping the commandments is unreal. Reading the Book of Mormon daily will bring a new light into your lives, and through prayers of faith God´s angels will be with you in every moment!

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

D&C 18:11

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