Monday, July 17, 2017


1. Halfwayyy
This week I hit the 1 year mark! Crazy how time flies by to be honest! It feels like yesterday I was saying goodbye to everyone and in the CTM. To celebrate I burned a shirt and ate at the pizza buffet next door! I´m excited for the rest of what the Lord has in store!

ceremonial 1 year burning of the white shirt
David's response to our question about the safety of burning a shirt inside:
"Our houses are 100% brick and cement, so its chill."
Pizza buffet to celebrate 1 year
2. Lucas´s answer
We've been working with a teenager who´s been coming to our English class, and this week we did a follow up visit and he told us he got an ANSWER! He prayed and was like If this is real God I want to know! Then he randomly opened the Book of Mormon to 3 Nephi 14:17 and started reading and he said that he really felt like God was extending his hand out to him and that if he´s baptized he knows God will be happy with him! Our prayers for him truly were answered, it was so cool.

3. English Class
Our class has been super good! we have 8 youth investigators who go on a regular basis, and it´s been the perfect way to gain their trust through a light setting of learning English, then we get their addresses and visit them! I´ll be here for another transfer so it´ll go strong! I´ll have a new comp from Rio, Elder Olegario, I´m excited to start with him!
American Elders Bagley& Rawson teaching English

Well, love you all and I pray for the well being of all of you! Know that God loves you and wants to bless you, we just need to seek Him!

Elder Rawson
Alma 34:8,15

Yeah for Packages from home!

Elder Rawson's mission statement
Service project with Vinicio.  He is a member and we moved a wood pile into a shed.
Community service doesn't really exist here, so we are grateful for the chance to serve!

Baptism for the other elders in our district.  I did the baptism interview.

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