Monday, July 24, 2017

The field is WHITE my friends and its time to harvest!

1. Lucas´s dream
Hello everyone! Life is going quite well down here in Alegrete. Our English Class is going strong and that's working out well! We've been working hard with Lucas, our must dedicated student, but he's been a bit inquisitive about things. We just invited to pray again, and he had a crazy dream about his need to be baptized. Powerful stuff! If all goes well he´ll get baptized Saturday at youth conference so keep him in your prayers.

2. LL Cool J or Elder Olegario??
I got a new companion from Rio, Brazil this week, and he is literally a twin to the  American actor and rapper LL Cool J! I make fun of him all the time! He speaks English too so that was a nice addition to our English class as well. He´s finishing his mission here soon so we're fighting his trunky-ness together:) This transfer will be a good one!
My companion looks like LL Cool J!
3. Marriage probs
One of our biggest problems with investigators here is getting them to get married!!!! Literally no one gets married here, they just start living together. We´re teaching a couple who has been together over 30 years and aren't married yet! We´re teaching people the importance of getting married and obeying God´s laws, it´s been cool.

4. Alegrete-A blessed city!
Man, this city is great! We've been seeing so much success because people here truly are so prepared to hear the Gospel! The field is white and ready to harvest, and we´re doing our best to help people know and accept the Gospel! Our ward is a bit weaker, only 35 people go per week, but we had 8 investigators at church this week so miracles are happening all about! The Lord has blessed us so much, I´m grateful to be a tool in His hands to help His people!

com muito amor, (with love)
Elder Rawson

3 Nephi 5:13

*Pics coming next week*

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