Monday, July 31, 2017

What Makes It all Worth It

1.  Lucas's baptism!
Saturday we had Lucas´s baptism at youth conference! It was perfect because every youth in the stake was there cheering him on! We also surprised him when we had a member go pick his parents so they could share the special day with him. Everything went perfectly!

Elder Rawson with Lucas (age 17) at his baptism

2. Margarida´s birthday
This week one of our investigators had a b-day, so during our Ward Family Night we threw her a party! #WardGoals She loved it. We've been teaching her in the chapel a few times a week and we´re working on marking a date with her! We´re just praying she gets the strength to take that leap of faith.

Elder Rawson, Margarida, and Elder Olegario
3. Felipe´s progress
We've been visiting an eternal investigators family and we decided to focus on the teenager! We committed him to say a prayer and then open the Book of Mormon and read. That night he had a dream that we, the Elders, got in a fist fight with other denominations and then in a storm all the trees fell over but one, and then he read in the Book of Mormon about the tree of life and he was mind blown! He went to youth conference and to church, big things coming!

Things are going great here in Alegrete! Love you all and keep doing spiritual things.
Elder Rawson

Alma 7:15

My Comp, Elder Olegario
our beloved Zone!

 Nossa amada casa aqui em Alegrete!
(our beloved home here in Alegrete)

Our home is upstairs of a car rental place. Its the biggest house, its nice. I've lucked out and only had good houses on the mission, some are pretty bad. No one has closets, just "guard roupas" which are like the dresser things.

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