Monday, December 11, 2017

2 years to work- Eternity to remember!

1. Christmas
Hello family and friends! I hope this Christmas time is going as good as mine is! There's not a better time to be a representative of Christ. We had a wonderful Christmas conference with half our mission. Me and some of the older missionaries did a skit in the talent show that was well liked (see pic #2 bellow). We also got presents and had an amazing training on how to Light the World!

2. 2 years to WORK
When I was at home I didn't full realize that a mission is two years of work, serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel in every moment! Now that I`m more experienced, I´m doing my best and giving it my all in every moment! This week we really focused on inviting people to church and we were blessed to have 12 INVESTIGATORS come! I was overwhelmed. The Lord really is blessing me and I couldn't be more grateful.

3. Apostasy
This week my testimony of the Apostasy grew! We talked to a lady on the street who attends one of the many churches here in the city, and she was explaining how in her church  they pay 30% tithing, 10% to God, 10% to Jesus, and another 10% to the Holy Ghost! Hahahaha and they announce to all their members not to accept the Mormons in your house, "cause that's how they get you.'" Made me appreciate that God restored His church:)

Love you!
Elder Rawson

#SejaALuzDoMundo (Be the Light of the World)

Skit in talent show
Christmas Presents

Seja a luz do mundo at church

a present from an investigator-mini Elder Rawson

 São Gabriel!!

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