Monday, December 4, 2017

Vai Grêmio!!!

1. Spicy week here in Rio Grande do Sul
HELLO family and friends- what an exciting week this was! So soccer here is obviously huge, and this week the team from our state won the South American Cup, so people went CRAZY celebrating!

Also this week I got bit by a dog and a woman offered herself to me. My personal favorite was a comment from our ward mission leader "Adam, the first man, was the luckiest man ever- he's the only man ever who didn't have to deal with a mother-in-law!"

2. Balling and Preaching
As we finished English class this week I noticed that there were a bunch of people playing basketball on the court, so I decided to give it a look. They invited us to play- so we did! I won´t lie, my jump shot isn't look good, but I managed to impress people with my skills:) they called me white Michael Jordan! We were able to get some people's addresses so it was a success.

3.The Church Miracle
We've been focusing on bringing people to the church on Sundays. Well, Sunday morning it started raining, and because everyone walks a ways to church, during the first hour we had no investigators in sight- so during second hour we headed to the street to invite anyone in sight to come! As sacrament was starting we saw an investigator slide into the back:) after all our effort God blessed us! I´m grateful for the tender mercies that he gives me each and every day.

Love yáll!
Elder Rawson

Utah county representing in São Gabriel-- my new roommate from Provo 

My Study Area

Our "Christmas referral box

Elder Rawson with a cool fam!

Jorge and family (investigator who came)

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