Monday, December 18, 2017

Sweating Cats and Dogs

And it´s offically summer here down in Brazil! This week was a solid 105 degrees with humidity.  Only rich people have air conditioning, so it´s safe to say I´m sweating cats and dogs! We are blessed though cause people see us walking on the street and feel bad --so they offer us water and to sit in the shade a bit- which turns into a great opportunity to share the Gospel!

2. Light the world FHE
This week we had a special "seja a luz do mundo" family night with members and investigators and it was SUPER special. We passed the challenge from day 12 about taking in and loving strangers- And the love of the Savior really hit me. So many times on my mission people have taken me in and loved me, and the light of Christ really overwhelmed my heart as I was able to bear my testimony to everyone present. I love my mission.

3. The secret to mission work
MEMBERS! Working side by side with the local members is really the key. We´ve been focusing on teaching members friends/families and visiting incomplete families, and we´re being super blessed. I've never had so many good investigators. We were blessed to have 10 investigators at church this week. Our "Domingo do Amigo" (Friend's Sunday) really is working out.

Don´t forget to share the Gospel with someone today so that they can feel the true joy of Christ!

Luke 10:38-42

Elder Rawson

the famous Elder Pereira

our Christmas choir in the city center

Our Christmas choir in the city center featuring a drunk guy

our bff RM Natanael

 sunset in our area

Elder Rawson sliding in to teach you the Gospel:)

 Elder Rawson saving the day:)

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