Monday, January 8, 2018

Am I in Utah?

1. Live from Santa Maria
HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS:) This week went so fast I don´t even remember what happened! We´ve just been going to work, doing our best all day every day! So yesterday we get to church to stand in the door and greet the people who come in... And the people just kept coming and coming and coming! We had almost 200 people in sacrament meeting! Compared to the branch of 50 where I was I felt like I was in Utah! I´m blessed to be in such a great place.

2. The blessing of members
I´m always so grateful for all that the members do for us! They always go out of their way to make sure we have good meals and are taken care of. We have a super cool Irmão named Alessandro that is helping us and being a member missionary! We got a phone call from him and he said that his son has a friend that´s ready to be baptized! He already got the parents permission and everything, we just needed to show up "to teach the lessons." So Saturday we´ll have a Kauan´s baptism! I truly feel like I`m in a Utah ward #blessed

Have a good week, and remember to stick with those new year resolutions;)

Elder Rawson
ALMA 5:45-46

teaching Kauan with his friend João

Family Night with my favorites

a marvelous exchange with my ex comp Elder Loureiro:))

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