Monday, January 22, 2018

Call Me Cupid

1. God´s blessing the work
I´m blessed to say that everything is going super well down here in Brazil! We've been seeing miracles as our investigators come to accept Christ and His restored church! We teach lots of youth, who are super open to our message, but we are also teaching 4 couples! Well, none of them are legally married and therefore cannot be baptized yet, so we've been working hard to get them married! Brazilian laws about marriage are kinda stupid, cause if we had a Las Vegas close by we could solve this issue real quick. But it´s been a great adventure:) #CallMeCupid

2. President Nelson
This week we were all privileged to hear from and see our new prophet, President Nelson! I know he was called of God and will guide this Church exactly where God wants it! Two Elders here had a cool experience- They invited a teenager and his mom to watch the announcement in the church on Tuesday. The mom didn't want her son to be baptized because of her view of our church and 'false prophets'.  But after the broadcast, she turned to the missionaries and said "That man is a prophet of God and my son needs to be baptized here." So right after they put on white clothes and went to the river and he was baptized! Powerful experience.

3. Stake conference
This week we had stake conference in Santa Maria! It was such a great day because I was able see all the members from Salgado Filho and Centro where I have already served! I felt pretty famous when I saw that I know almost everyone in the stake. But what made me happier was that I saw 3 of my converts there, firm in the Gospel! Such a proud moment. Rose is doing great and that was for a sure a happy reunion (see photo 4 below).

Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon so that God can bless you!
Elder Rawson
Alma 34:15

a street view from our house. 
 Enjoying AÇAÍ with my BFF`s on Pday

my English buds from Salgado Filho

My convert Rose with the bishop and his wife:)

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