Monday, January 1, 2018

The Return - Santa Maria 2.0

1. When the Lord calls- You go!
So to my surprise I was transferred back to Santa Maria- where I started my mission! I was super happy with the progress we were seeing in São Gabriel and I was content and  hoping to stay more time there, but when the Lord calls, you go! But I am happy with the seeds I left planted, and my old comp Elder Lopes will take good care of everyone:)

2. Hello Santa Marta!!!!!!
On the bright side of things I got transferred to the ward Santa Marta, the most famous area in the mission:) Things here are so nice! The Sunday attendance here is through the roof!  Also our teaching group is literally all references from members and families of recent converts. My new companion is Elder Luz, from São Paulo. I already knew him from early on the mission so I´m pumped to work with him!
My comp Elder Luz and my Utah friend Elder Mckinley

Elder Rawson and Elder Luz

the wedding of our ward mission leader

3. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YÀLL:) When you´re new on the mission they joke that you won´t go home this year, and not even the next year, just in the next! So I`m happy that its 2018- my year! I´m ready to give it my all these last 23 weeks.

our mini New Year's Eve party with recent converts!
Love you all!
Elder Rawson
1 Nephi 3:15

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