Monday, February 5, 2018

Are you Ready?

1. Be Ready for Everything!!!
What a week! This week we were happy to see the baptism of Eduarda and Sebastian! After all was said and done, it was quite the day! Santa Maria has been having some issues with water faltages (translates to "missing"), and we got word an hour before the baptism that the church had no water. NO! We had half the ward there waiting as well. Fortunately, a neighbor had water so we grabbed buckets and went to work! We were able to get the water to a decent level and they were able to baptized. The Bishop gave a great testimony about the 'water miracle' and truly it was a great experience for all.

Sebastian  and Eduarda  baptism

2. Sebastian's story
Sebastian is the coolest 10 year old ever! His family already are members, but they wanted him to make the decision to be baptized. During my first week in the area I had the strongest prompting that we needed to visit his family, so we changed our plans and went to his house. As we were arriving they had grabbed the phone to call a member to give a blessing to Sebastian, who was pretty sick, but when they saw us at the door they knew that God had sent help! Through this experience Sebastian prepared himself to be baptized. I´m so grateful to have followed the Spirit that day!

Sebastian and his family
Next week we have our mission tour with an area 70, and he challenged us to dedicate 2 hours to inviting people to hear more about Christ. As we prayed about how to do this we felt that we could take a big picture of Christ to the street and talk with everyone! We sure did get some strange looks but it was a powerful experience for me. See pic below.

Elder Rawson
BE BOLD challenge
the beautiful city of Santa Maria

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