Monday, February 12, 2018

Interview with a Member of the 70

1. Mission Tour with Elder Del Guerso
We kicked off this week with our mission tour! The entire mission gathered in Santa Maria for the conference. As we were reverently sitting and waiting to start I was informed that I had been chosen to be interviewed by Elder Del Guerso of the 70. We had a great conversation about how my mission experience is going among other things. Five other missionaries got interviewed as well. It was a super cool experience!  He sure did put fire in my bones! Afterwards we were richly instructed on how to be more effective missionaries and we learned some new techniques. I also got to see all my old friends/comps so that was fun!
all my old comps who are currently on the mission #brothers4life

my last pic with Elder Loureiro before he goes home </3

the ancient Bom Fim squad

my new comp, Elder J Silva

2. Diogo´s baptism
This week we happily filled up the baptism font (1 day early this time) for Diogo's baptism! He's a young man that´s been receiving missionary visits for 6 months, but his grandma never let him go to church. We were able to use our charm, with the help of his neighbor the stake patriarch, to win her over. His baptism was so amazing! He even chose the patriarch to baptism him. It was dumping rain most of the day so when we sang "when I am baptized" it was pretty cool.

 Diogo´s baptism

3. São Braz- PDay adventure
Last week we went to an animal preservation place (zoo) and saw a ton of cool animals! Exotic birds, tigers, monkeys, flamingos, and lots more!

The Elders at São Braz

the puma

Love you all! I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon every day cause I know it´ll make the greatest difference in your life!

Elder Rawson

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