Monday, February 19, 2018


1. Carnaval and a new transfer
Well things are a popping here in Brazil for the yearly national party called "carnaval". It´s basically a week straight of partying and apostasy. Luckily  my mission is basically the Idaho of Brazil, so things here are pretty calm. We started a new transfer and me and Elder J. Silva are pretty excited! We've got some great things planned. I absolutely love the spirit we feel day to day, makes everything SO worth it.

2. Teaching Seila
So we've been working a lot with the family of Eduarda who got baptized recently. All her siblings and her mom are members, so now we´re just working with her grandma! She´s truly a special lady, but can never make it to church cause she takes care of the great grandma. This week we prepared a special lesson on Christ´s Atonement and the spirit was so strong. It was amazing.

 Joseph Smith once said that "all things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to the Atonement of Jesus Christ" and I truly testify that that is true! We owe everything to Him. Now we just need to have faith in him, repent of our sins, be baptized, and endure to the end.

3. Domingo do Amigo- Santa Marta
So we decided to apply the domingo do amigo (friend's Sunday) here, cause we´re in the best ward in the mission! So we challenged every member to bring a friend, and sacrament meeting was packed!!! The talks were perfect and everyone left better than they entered.

4. Miracles at every moment
Just this morning one of the couples we´re teaching called us and asked if we could go to marriage office to help them get married! We were SO stoked, casue they´re being taught for more than a year, and this morning we put in the paperwork to get them married! God is good to us.

Love you all:)
Elder Rawson

Cool pic from Diogo´s baptism

Santa Maria

Jorge- our ward mission leader

Dinner with Tiago


When your comp says something stupid

 Domingo do Amigo

our couple Marilda and Luis:)


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  2. I miss your guy ... yesterday I went to the church for English classes and I discovered that LOPES and the enderburg were transferred ... this is the annoying side of making missionary friends, you have the possibility of never seeing them again. I'm probably going to visit a friend of mine there in Santa Maria, I'm going to go on a motorcycle, I'll find a way to get your number and call you. I have a great book of Portuguese to give you, a real manual of this language full of rules and I know how much you like culture Portuguesa, it is incredible how skilled you were to perfect your accent so well, many people live decades here and can not get an accent as good as yours.Hugs teacher Rawson, i hope your mother delivers this message.


    1. Hi Felipe! Thanks for your message. I passed it on to Elder Rawson and he will be able to read it on his p-day tomorrow. I am happy to hear the compliment about his Portuguese! He was truly blessed to learn the language so well. I am sorry that your missionary friends have to move on, but it gives you a chance to make even more friends! I hope that you can connect with Elder Rawson when you travel to Santa Maria.
      Take care,
      Carol Rawson (Elder Rawson's mother)