Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tudo Bem meu amigos! (Well all my friends)

Another great week here Brazil! Lots of cool stuff happened.

1. My amatuer singing career was born
Everyone here is required to be in the CTM choir, and they ask for people to sing as companionships all the time. I jokingly volunteered me and Elder Talbot for it and we got picked! We sang the first part of I Stand All Amazing at our devotional in from of the entire CTM! When Brazilians sing duets all the Americans laugh because Brazilians are awful at singing, so we were heros!

2. Real missonary work!
This week they took us on a bus to São Paulo main street to hand out Book of Mormons to people! It's the busiest street in Brazil and it was such a great experience! We handed out a bunch and got some good contacts for the missionaries! We got rejected a bunch, but I just try to give people a happy image of our church by smiling! It was also super sad cause their were homeless people everywhere. We talked to one lady for like 15 minutes but she wouldn't take a book, so I said a prayer for her in the middle of big city chaos. Great experience!

3. The Elevator
So we live on the 7th floor, right? Well we have been guilty of taking it a time or two when we're in a hurry. Well a couple nights ago we take it when we should of walked, and we get to the top floor and it wont open! Without touching anything it just sent us to the very bottom! We were hitting buttons and nothing worked, so it must the Lord telling us to be obedient!

4. P-day
P-day is such a blessing! Going to the temple is always amazing and we get a couple hours to go outside and experience the culture and buy food from carts on the street and talk to people! The churros here are like a dollar and they are stuffed full of chocolate and carmel! It´s great.

5. The Holy Ghost
One of my favorite things about being a missionary is always having the Spirit with you! I always just feel so happy! We have so much time to search the scriptures and ponder gospel topics and I really enjoy feasting on the words of Christ! The Church is true y´all!

Till next week!
-Elder Rawson

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