Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I made it! (to Santa Maria)

I made it to Santa Maria! my first area is actually going to be here in the city so that´s cool. Our house is definitely very humble... haha but my companion is elder Prata and he´s sick! he’s two inches shorter than me so we´re are HUGE by brazil standards! he knows enough English to answer my questions so I´m pumped! I am definitely pumped and a bit nervous for everything ahead, but the Lord will bless me:) they want us to send mail according to our area so this one is this

Caixa Postal 339
Centro-Santa Maria-RS

That should work for mail but I’ll let you know! I don´t have time to reply to anyone, just enough time to send the fam a quick one! Lots of stray dogs and homeless people and sketchy things, but they say it´s safe so pray for me! Love you all, keep doing good things in the world!
Helaman 5:12

Thanks for the secret letters in my suitcase!

Much love, Elder Rawson

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