Monday, August 29, 2016

Greetings from Elder "Haw-seen!"

Hellooo everyone! Finally made it to my area! Everyone botches my name so it´s usually pronounced something like Haw-Seen or haw-sin.
1. First Area
My first area is actually in the outskirts of Santa Maria! Everything is much more humble than anything I´m used to. It was pretty hard adjusting the first couple days, but I´ve grown to love the dirt floors and houses the size of my living room! My companion is a Brazilian, Elder Prata, but he is basically fluent in english so he helps me when I struggle, cause it´s a lot! People talk SO fast and I don´t get much, but I have easily learned more in a week in the field than 6 weeks in the CTM. Progress!

2. The First Day
So we were walking down main street, getting to know our area, and a dude hollers at us to step in his shop. So we step in and a 4 foot Brazilian with a 5 foot machete jumps out and is angrily yelling something about Joseph Smith, and I was terrified for my life. Turns out he´s a member and it was a joke, but it was easily the scariest 20 seconds of my life!

3.The CokeVilla Mircale
We were knocking doors in a very humble part of town and I was exhausting and incredibly sweaty and it was tough! I prayed for someone to at least hear our message or something! Not 5 minutes later a man sipping a beer, fixing his car invited us over and went inside and got us a 1 liter glass bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola! It was an answer to my prayer and the best beverage I ever did have:)

4. Cultural Differences
Wow everything here is so different! You clap outside of houses instead of knocking, there are literally hundreds of homeless dogs on every corner, and there is trash and graffiti everywhere. Houses are very run down and are in poor condition, a lot with dirt floors, even though most people have a HD TV and a smartphone. But the people are so kind!! The Brazilian spirit is alive and well!

5. The Food
Members feed us everyday, which is thee greatest! They always serve the best they have and give us thirds everytime, and it is phenomenal! There is something about sitting on camp chairs on a dirt floor in someones house eating Rodizzio meats that makes me so happy to be here! Other than than, lots of rice and beans and sausage and such.
Well I love you all, keep me updated on life:)

Much love, Elder Rawson

PS, if you feel so inclined to send me a letter my address is:
Caixa Postal 339
Centro-Santa Maria- RS

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