Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One month in the Books!

Crazy to think it´s been a month already! We're literally busy every second of every day so time flies and I love it!

1. Temple/City Adventure
The São Paulo temple was closed so we got to go to the Campinas temple! Literally the most beautiful temple I've been to. Google pics of it to see it cause it´s amazing! It was a 2 hour bus ride so we got to see the city and culture so that was great! They are holding all the Olympic soccer games in the MTC city so the city is alive and partying! A senior couple here got front row tickets to a game for ELEVEN dollars. Considered breaking out to catch a game, but they had to wear special bug spray so they didn't get Zika cause that´s big here right now.. Missionary is way more exciting anyway!

2. Portuguese
Let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than walking into a lesson with nothing but your Portuguese scriptures. We don't have to read anything anymore and we can answer all the questions our investigators ask and the Spirit gets so strong! The Lord has really blessed with me with this language. We get soo much time to study the Gospel too that my testimony is growing so much as well! God is good to me. Mosiah 2:41 is worth the read!

3. New Companion
Elder Oberholzer got his visa so we got a new companion! He was at Provo before. Trios are weird but he´s a great guy and his Portuguese slays so we were happy to add him to the team. He´s from Vegas and is a funny guy! Elder Talbot and I are happy!

4. Devotionals
Every Sunday and Tuesday night we have devotionals! Last month Elder Holland spoke so I was bummed I missed that. Most of the time they're in Portuguese so the Americans get headsets and someone sits in the back in a booth and translates! Well this week they were reading a the scripture about "My bowels were filled with mercy towards the children of men" and when the translator read it in English he said a word similar sounding to bowels that had the American Elders laughing their heads off.. #TranslatorFailz

Every night they bring around Lanche which just means snack, and it´s a juice box and a chocolate treat! Basically the best part of our night. The Provo MTC doesn´t have it because "Brazilians must have their late night munchies" so I´ll take it!
Well I love you all, always choose the right and God will bless you!

much love,
Elder Rawson

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