Monday, September 12, 2016

Live from the Land of the Lamanites

So we got lucky and had an Apostle visit our mission! We had a missionary training and stake conference with him and it was amazing! Hearing the testimony of a life Apostle peirces my heart everytime. He talked a lot about how true conversion is a lifetime process and to never give up on yourself! It made me super excited for conference coming up here in a month!

2. Portuguese update
My language skills have come a long way! I can understand the gist of what people are saying if they don´t have an accent, but when the super Southern Brazilians talk I can´t understand hardly anything! Lol it´s tough, but the gift of tongues is real and I understand the important stuff. I´m just a white boy with an abnormally large religious vocabulary!

3. Difficulties of the work
Here in South Brazil the work is pretty slow... It´s tough because a lot of people are hard hearted and when we do get someone´s address to go teach them, we can never find their house because there are only street names here! Maps are outdated so it´s hard, but we do get inside I love to teach them! We´re having struggles getting people to church but they´ll come along soon enough!

4. The Food
We get lunch everyday with a member, right? And like 4 times a week other families will have us over for dinner. The food is so amazing, but if you don´t take 3 heaping plates of food they get offended so I´m always dying. Watch the youtube video "Come Mais Elder" (Eat more Elder) to see what I´m saying!
Thank you all for your prayers, through them the Lord is strengthening me:)

Much love,  Elder Rawson

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