Monday, September 19, 2016

Tranquilo Amigos?

1. Teaching Experience
We found this really cool lady named Cleoça that we taught two lessons this week! She had a good Christian background ad things were going well! In the middle of the second lesson I had the strongest prompting that I have ever recieved that told me to ask her to be baptized right now! So I followed it and invited her to prepare to be baptized and she laughed and said no. Not gonna lie, a little piece of my heart broke! I was so sad. I followed the prompting and she said no! I was really bummed but then in my studies the next morning I read Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not on thy on understanding." I know that I did the right thing even if she said no! It was hard, but that´s why everyone has agency!

2. Brazilians Personalities
So part of Preach My Gospel talks about asking good questions so people will open up to you! Well, here in Brazil we need to rip that page and replace it with "How to politely get people to stop talking." Brazilians love to talk and have a good time so we´re constantly trying to talk ourselves and steer our convos back to the Gospel!

3. Why You Always Bailing Bro??
We contact a ton of people on the street and they´re always like "Yeah swing by wednesday afternoon, I´m always home!" Then we go wednesday afternoon and no one is home! Literally story of my life with everyone. Walking 25 minutes out of your way and having someone not there is a real bummer, but we keep trying cause the Lord wants everyone :)

4. Olympic Coins
For the Olympics Brazil made 17 special coins on the 1$ coin with different sports and stuff and bascially I´ve devoted my free time to finding them all! I have 16, but google pictures of them cause they´re way cool! Gonna be worth some big bucks one day!

Fica Firme Amigos! Boa Semana!  (translation: Firm Friends ! Good week!)

Elder Rawson

Members in Santa Maria love to feed the missionaries

Olympic Coins

Our Area
Roommates had a baptism so tradition says we order a pizza!

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