Monday, September 26, 2016


How many South Americans does it take to screw in a light bulb? A Brazilian!!!!:)

1. Strange Translations
Learning a new language is definitely difficult! No matter how hard you study, people just say things differently. Like when you see someone in the street you say Beleza? Tranquilo? which translates to beauty? tranquility? hahaha makes no sense but you have to learn the weird trick of the language!

2. The Work In Salgado Filho
My area is Salgado Filho, which translates to Salty Son? But I love it here so much! The work is slow, but the members here spoil us! We haven't had any of our potential investigators in church yet, but we reactivated two old ladies who come every week now:) it´s different than I expected but we´ll get a baptism eventually!

3. The Music Here
When I got called to Brazil, I was like sick, I won't be tempted by American music!!! Boy was I wrong. They lovee American music so I hear it everyday. They also have this music called Funk that is Brazilian pump up and it's definitely hard not to hit the Whip in the middle of the street. But my favorite part is Portuguese hymns!!! The music is the same but the words don't translate to the same message, so it's fun to read what message they have in Portuguese!

4. Problems with the Work
It´s hard to challenge people to read the Livro de Mormon when they can't read! Since our area is the poorer part, like 1 in 4 people can't read, so we read it with them and they look at the pictures in the beginning! Ha and it's expensive to get married and people don´t have their Birth Certificates, so tons of people aren't officially married and can't be baptized. It sure is different here, but the Lord helps us be creative in figuring out our problems:)

Love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Rawson
2 Nephi 9:18

Looks like Elders Rawson & Prata  gave out a BOM
 I guessing the recepient is among the 25% who won't be able to read it

Church where Salgado Filho ward meets

outside our house

Check out the expiration date on the Milk

recent AFHS graduates in Brazil CTM

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