Monday, October 24, 2016

Blessings of the Missionary Calling

I caught a frog the size of Goliath and threw it into the other companionship's bathroom window this week:)))

1. The Investigator We´ve Been Waiting For
Our purpose as missionaries is to bring souls unto Christ, but most of the time it feels like we´re dragging souls unto Christ! Well Dica, the woman I found singing in the rain, met with us, read the Book of Mormon, and came to church and everything!!!! She has a ton of faith and she said she wants to come back every week! She has a smoking problem that we´re helping her with, but it´s exciting to see a someone who felt the Spirit try and change their lives!!!

2. "Why did you do it??"
During one of our lessons this week we were explaining how missionaries leave their houses and their families and everything to be representatives of Jesus Christ! The teenager, Bruno, asked me a question that I´ve been pondering... "You left your country, your native language, and every single person you know to be here.. Why did you do it?" I was able to bear my testimony of my desire to serve because I love this Gospel and all the blessings God has given me! Even though what I´m doing is hard, the Lord is blessing me and the power of the missionary calling is the greatest!:)

3. When Things Go Wrong
Last Wednesday we had the perfect day lined up, had everything planned out perfectly! Well every appointment fell and by 3o'clock we had nothing to do! I said a prayer that we would be guided to do something productive and not long after a member called us and wanted to go visit people!!! Someone calling us to go on a visit is basically unheard of! The day ended up going great and I am glad God answered my prayer!

4. Plot Twist
A big part of missionary work is just trying to talk to people on the street and seeing if you can visit them in their house! Well people aren´t super excited to talk to us, so you could say I was surprised when a teenager came up to us and started talking to us! He was interested in why a gigantic American was walking down his street, but we talked about the NBA and the Gospel and he accepted a visit!

Mosiah 5:15

Elder Rawson

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