Monday, October 3, 2016


1. Conference WeekEnd!
Hellooo everyone!!! We were blessed to have so many great talks about the Book of Mormon and repentance. I found out a week ago that I would have to watch it in Portuguese, and I was pretty nervous about how much I would understand, but I prayed hard and trusted the Lord would help me! Well the first 20 minutes of the first session they accidentally were on the Spanish channel. Well I didn't know till this till after the session, so I literally was hating my life cause I was not understanding a word! LOL, after that it was a blessing to listen in Portuguese! I understood basically everything after so it was an answer to my prayer!

2. The Minister
We've been teaching a minister of some Evangelical church, and it's been interesting! We'll be teaching and he'll be like "That makes sense I guess, cause 1st Corinthians 15: 29 says ____" He´s a straight bible wizard! I got roasted for not knowing the story of Jonas and the destruction of Nineveh, so pay attention in Seminary kids!

3. Brazilian Doctors

This week wasn't great cause my comp had a wart thing removed from his foot so he couldn't walk for a few days... Sitting around in our apartment doing nothing is the worst. Ha, but the doctors office here made me grateful for American doctors! Mid operation the doctor gets a phone call and casually sets down the tools and goes to the hall to take it...

4. The Power of the Missionary Calling
In my free time this week I was able to study a bunch and work on memorizing scriptures for our training! I was able to memorize D&C 4 and the last two paragraphs of the intro to the Book of Mormon in record time! And in a different language! I know the only reason I was able to do this was because of the power of the missionary calling! The Lord blesses his servants!

Well have a good week everyone! When things get hard, remember Luke 5:16:)

Much love, Elder Rawson

Anyone who can guess the age of the guy in this picture wins a free santa maria postcard!

 Irma Eva!  A less active member.  Not sure how many teeth she has,
 she´s mostly deaf, lives alone in a shack, but has a heart of lion!

Sister Eva again
Basketball in Brazil is great!

We actually played once with a member

Do we have a pet? Of course not!!!! He´s our landlords:)

Roommates enjoying Otter pop thingys?

American Zone Leaders: Studs! 

Average Meal

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