Monday, October 17, 2016


I had my first dream in Portuguese this week:)))) #blessed

1. Overcoming your Goliaths
This week was Zone conference!!! Sounds boring, but we had half our mission together for a training from our President and it was amazing! He talked a lot about David and Goliath and one thing that I loved that he talked about was how David knew the Lord would help him, but he prepared and polished 5 rocks to go to battle! When we decide to prepare with all our might the Lord will deliver us!!! Our president is a little man but boy is he mighty in words! Check out the photo of the poster he made below.

2. The Answer
A zone leader also gave a really cool training where he said that we need to pray every single day to know again that the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true Church! We challenge people everyday to do this, so we need to as well! I´ve been trying to include this in all my prayers to strengthen my testimony! Then on Friday I was studying as normal and I felt such an overwhelming feeling of peace and pure joy! The Lord answered my prayer and I know he will answer yours! I encourage all of you take up this challenge as well! :)

3. Finding Marthian 
Our main investigator is a 16 year old futebol all star, and he´s impossible to find cause he's so busy and doesn't have a cell phone! Well it's been dumping rain since Saturday and motivation to walk to the end of our area to talk to him about church was low, but I made my comp go with me in the downpour to try and find him! Well he wasn't there, which was a real bummer, but the Lord noticed our efforts! That night we were walking home, far from where he lives, and he randomly was on his bike on the same street and we were able to talk to him!!!:) It would've been easy to been bummed at first, but having patience in the Lord's timing will always bring the blessings we want!

4. "Ja foi batizado!" (already was baptized!)
A major problem we have with the progress of people is they don´t think they need our church cause they were already baptized. There is literally 45+ different church buildings in our area, so everyone already had some goon on the corner pronounce them baptized! We teach the whole first lesson and how the power of God is needed to do this, but people don't exactly understand. If anyone has any ideas on how to help them, let me know!

Tchau Amigos! (Bye Friends!)
Elder Rawson

"Always cheesin'"

American Elders at Zone Conference
Mega churrasco!

Brazilian sunsets are the real deal

With the APs and President Louza

Ward Activity: "Festival de Bolo" (party of cake)

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