Monday, October 10, 2016

Singing in The Rain

Three months down this week! Time flies when you´re on the Lord´s errand!

1. Starve Yourself to Save Yourself
This is a common phrase among missionaries that makes me chuckle. Fasting sometimes gets a bad rep, but some of the greatest blessings can be received through fasting! In Brazil you fast lunch to lunch starting Saturday, and this principle is hard for Brazilians cause they enjoy their munchies! But I fasted earnestly for the work here and we got TWO people to church and we probably will baptize them at the end of the month! God is good to all those earnestly try to live the Gospel!!!

2. Singing in the Rain
So we got out of a lesson this week and were disappointed to see that the clear skied day had turned into a rainstorm... Typical Brasil! We didn´t have our umbrellas and it would of been easy to sulk, but I was trying to keep our spirits up by singing a happy tune. I thought we were alone on the street, but a woman actually heard me and hollered out "God is clearly with you!" I went and talked to her because I was joyous she agreed to meet with us and now we´re teaching her! God is good to those who seek to be happy!

3. Teaching Interuptions
We teach about 12 lessons to investigators a week, and literally everytime that we talk about the First Vision or have them pray or have a really good Spirit in the room a dog will appear and start barking, or someone will drive by blasting music, or the phone will ring! It´s crazy! The adversary is there trying to break up their conversion, but God is good to those who ignore the sounds of the world and follow Christ!

4. The Good Samaratin
Super cool experience this week. I´ve been reading the Bible so I can better relate to people here who know it so well. Well I read the story of the Good Samaritan and that night we were walking home and I almost stepped on a guy sleeping on the sidewalk! My comp was on the phone with our District Leader and wasn´t interested in stopping for 'some drunk guy' but I insisted! I gave him a Livro de Mormon and I could tell he was hungry so I went and bought him bread! He was very grateful and I was sad we couldn´t do more, but it made me grateful for what we have! Hebrews 13:2 has a cool promise that we should always remember! God is good to those who strive to help others!

That´s all folks! Have a good week:)

Much love, Elder Rawson

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