Saturday, December 3, 2016

Snail Mail letter

November 2016: We were happy to receive a snail mail letter  from David.  Here is some of his letter telling us more about the culture of Santa Maria, Brazil.

I'll write here some things about the culture and funny things that have happened!  So Santa Maria is in the farthest south state in Brazil, Rio Grande de Sul, and it's very different here!  People here are a bit strange sometimes . . .Brazilian Elders say this is like the Boise Idaho mission of Brazil, but I love it here so much and every goofy Gaucho:)  

Every single person here drinks chimarrao (grass drink) on a daily basis!  It's just hot water with ground up barbecued weeds? People love to sit at home with family and friends and make churrasco (Rodizio style meats) and have a good time!

Manners basically don't exist here . . .  It's perfectly acceptable to like your plate clean and also to 
eat with your fork then use it to serve yourself more from the main pot.  

The public breast feeding here is out of control, but don't worry cause my eyes are "single to the glory of God."  

But honestly there is nothing better than being a missionary!  The power of the calling is real, and the Spirit  that I'm worthy to have brings SO many blessings into the work and into my life.  

I love you guys!  Your prayers for me strengthen me on hard days.

& some other fun things that were in the letter:
Completed Missionary Training Checklist

Presents / Pass Along Cards

Election advertising

McDonald's receipt -- only ice cream on the menu

 A "Dear John" letter to the English language -- written 8 days after arrival in Brazil!!

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