Monday, December 12, 2016

Building Zion!

Grêmio, the team that everyone in Santa Maria loves, won the Brazil Cup this week so you can say it's been a bit crazy! Also 5 months on the mish today!

1. Tchau Elder Ferris
Well, I´m on comp number 3 this  transfer! Elder Ferris had bad migranes so he had to go home to see better doctors... It was pretty sad cause he had the heart of a lion! But Elder Oliver is my new comp. He´s from Bolivia and speaks 0 English, but we communicate pretty well. People laugh at my American accent and then at his Spanish accent, but we´re getting along well!

Roommates:  Elders Rawson, Ferris, Rodrigues, Prata

2. Service Project!
This week we helped a less active guy build a house! His living conditions right now aren´t great, so it was rewarding to give him a hand! In the Brazilian culture people don´t accept our service offers because they think its shameful? But it was nice when someone accepted our offer to help! It also felt real nice to throw on a pair of Nike shoes and basketball shorts:)

3. An Answered Prayer
This week we got the Young Mens president to agree to come to a lesson with our street kids, but when we went to get the kids we couldn´t find them! I was super worried that we wouldn´t be able to teach them and that the YM president would think we wasted his time. I decided to say a prayer in my heart that we could find them and be able to teach them, and literally 2 seconds after my silent amen I spotted one of them, and we were able to round up the gang and teach them! The power of a heartfelt prayer is real!

4. Film Night
Every Saturday we have a Film night in the chapel to give the youth something to do, and it gives us a chance to bring investigators to the chapel in a friendly environment! Not a whole ton of people come, so support your ward activites people! Ward leaders plan hard to have success, so help them out:)

5. Stake Conference
This week we had a special stake conference! It was video transmitted from Salt Lake for some stakes in Brazil and Elder Holland talked to us!!!! He is literally my hero. He talked specifically to the people here and it was cool to listen to him! He talked a ton about the importance of temple work, and urged us to go to the temple as a family as often as we can! The temple here is 6 hours away, but it amazes me the sacrifices people make to go!

Enjoy a cold Christmas, cause it´s hottttt here:)
Elder Rawson

recent convert named Lucas we've been teaching!  I adore the kids here.

Cool train tracks we found in the forest

Brother Antao got released as the ward mission leader

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