Monday, December 26, 2016


1.Christmas in Brazil
This week was absolutely great! We had a chance to talk with a lot of people this week about the Light the World and our Church. Brazil has different traditions and stuff for Christmas, but we had a good time! Christmas Eve everyone has a huge dinner and stays up late and when it turns midnight they go crazy! I woke up to firecrackers and people blasting music! Presents from Santa and with family isn't huge here, because people focus on having a huge meal with their families! We ate well to say the least! It still didn't totally feel like Christmas because rumor has it that it hit 111°F...  But it was good to celebrate the birth of Christ, and of course talk to my family!

2. The Power of the Spirit in Conversion
We have been working with a guy named Emerson on preparing for baptism! He is super awesome and prepared, but he´s not legally married to his wife. She has been lukewarm with us, but we've been praying that she´ll open up to us so he can get baptized! Well we went there Thursday and she actually sat down and talked to us, then she started crying! She said she´s been feeling something different in her life lately and she wants to get married and start going to church too! We were blown away at her change, but when we put our faith in Him anything can happen!

3. My friend DavĂ­
My little street kid friend has been doing super great, coming to church activites, reading the Book of Mormon everyday, but he´s going to travel out of the state for 3 months! I was super bummed, cause we´ll have to baptize him when he gets home, but I know the Lord will take care of him! In the photo below he´s the one on the left.

4. Obedience always wins!
One hard thing about missions is having companions with different standards and expectations! On Christmas Eve a member called us and invited us to their family party, but the problem was was that it was already 10:00 at night! My companion insisted we go, but the mission rules are clear about being in your house by 9:30, so I told him no! Him and the other missionaries we live with yelled at me for being a goodie, but I know I made the right decision! We all have tough decisions in our lives, but obedience will always bring happiness:)

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

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