Monday, December 5, 2016

Catching fireee

It´s getting harder and harder to write these emails in English!

1. Baptism Dates
Our area really caught on fire this week! We worked super hard this week and taught a record high of lessons, and because of it our area is doing great! We got 3 baptismal dates marked with people, so I´m praying they can overcome their problems to meet their goal of baptism! We also committed 11 people to come to church this week! Not all of them made it, cause 9:00AM church for people here is brutal, but I´m happy to see people progressing as they live the Gospel!

2. Satisfaction 
I've decided my favorite feeling in the world is walking out of a lesson where the Spirit just dominated! Preach My Gospel says "There is no more compelling work than this, nor which brings greater satisfaction. The Lord will richly  bless you as you humbly and prayerfully serve Him. More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced" and I testify to that! Days can be long and sometimes hard, but knowing you helped a soul come unto Christ makes everything more than worth it!

3. The singing sensation: part 3
This week our zone got together in the very center of the city to film our Christmas video! We stood in the middle of the square and belted Called to Serve, and boy did we get some looks! Ha, it was worth it though cause people came and talked to us after and we were able to get some addresses. I think it´ll go on Facebook in a couple weeks so stay tuned!

4. Street Kids
This week we were walking down the street talking to people, and we saw what I like to call 'street kids.' Basically boys 10-15 years old who do rowdy things on the street. We set up an appointment and invited them to church, and they accepted! One of them walked out of church and asked when he could be baptized. So cool!

Scripture for the week is Romans 13:11-12.
"Blessed are ye who actually look up Elder Rawson´s scriptures"

With love,
Elder Rawson

No pictures, but a short video this week:

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