Monday, January 16, 2017

6 Months Already??

Time has been flying! Love where I´m at and what I`m doing.

1. O Livro de Mormon
This week I met my goal by finishing the Book of Mormon in Portuguese before my 6 months! It was rough going at the beginning, but really it helped my language skills grow and my testimony as well! The promise in Moroni 10 is real and praying to know it´s true can help your testimony increase in ways only the Lord knows!

2. Splits with the Legends
I got to go on 2 different exchanges with different missionaries this week! One was with the old assistant to the president and the other with the zone leader. I love working with others to take teaching techniques and street contact strategies from others and apply them in mine! It was good to have a little break from my normal comp, haha but Uncle Brad´s advice always helps: after a long day with an annoying companion, sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream to help the worries go away!

3. Advertising our English Class
We are starting an English Class at our stake center to help get people into the church who normally wouldn't enter, so this week we handed out a ton of advertisements during our district meeting! ! I got the job of holding up the big sign and twirling it around like the pizza guys do on the side of the road and shouting English to the crowds of people. We handed out 800 flyers so I would say it was a success!

4. Finding Tatiane
The other day a woman stopped us on the street and told us to visit her cause her family has members and she is interested! Well Brazilian streets make no sense and houses sometimes are next to impossible to find, and we could not find hers! I saw a guy sipping a cold one on the side of the road and I the Spirit told me to talk to him cause he would know! I kind of doubted it, but I went and sure enough he gave us spot on directions and we found her and set up an appointment! It was cool to see the Spirit helping us find the elect!

Scripture of the week is Moroni 6:4!

Elder Rawson

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