Monday, January 30, 2017

Two is Better than One!

1. The story of the baptism of Isaac
Last month we visited a found a man named Carlos who was a member, served a mission, but had a bad experience and never went back to Church. We started visiting him and we talked a lot about his mission to try and help him remember the blessings of the Gospel! As we were leaving one day he told us "They say the harder you work the better looking your wife will be! You better run to that next appointment!" So naturally, I took of running with a Book of Mormon above my head yelling about how it could bless your life! Through being a little crazy we were able to gain his confidence and help him come back! His son visited him for summer break here, and we were able to teach him the Gospel and this week Carlos baptized him! Isaac´s goal is to be a missionary, and I´m happy to see the fruits of my mission!

2. The baptism of Juliana
Awhile back I had an investigator called Dica, but when our area in the ward switched the other Elders kept teaching her! She is still fighting to stop smoking, but through her we were able to find her granddaughter Juliana! Two days before her baptism her uncle showed up and flipped out at what she was doing! He´s homosexual and the leader of a devil worshipper 'church' so things got a little complicated. Everyone sat down to talk about it and in the middle of her uncles scolding of us she said 'I´m going to be baptized regardless of what anyone thinks cause I know it´s the right thing to do," and sure enough she did! Her courage made me so happy and now she´s a member!

That´s about all! We have transfers next Tuesday and I´ll probably be heading to a new area. I hope everyone is great and if you need anything I´m only an email away:)

Elder Rawson
Moroni 8: 24-25

P-day shopping with Elder Oliver!

Sunsets here are AMAZING

Victory pizza:)  **tradition calls for getting pizza to celebrate a baptism

It's always good to be at the baptismal font!

These 4  Elders of Salgado Filho sang a song for the baptism

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