Monday, January 9, 2017

Fill up the Chapel Boys!

1. Less active success
We saw some good improvement here in Salgado Filho this week! This week we decided to focus on visiting less actives to bring them back to church, and we definitley saw the fruit of our labors! We had 3 investigators and 7 less actives at church! Before Sacrament meeting I just looked out over our whole ward chatting happily and I just was so happy. We filled up the chapel completely for the first time 5 months here, so I was pumped. The ward is getting more excited about the Work which is a dream for missionaries!

2. Miracle of the open window
I saw a miracle this week during a crazy rain storm that we had! We left for lunch with clear skies and by the time we got to lunch it was dumping rain! The road literally was a river. We had to take cover till it passed, and it was then that I remembered that I had left my window open! I keep all my books and scriptures on my desk pushed against the wall right under the window. Ha, I almost cried, but I said a prayer that everything would work out. When we got back my desk was destroyed with water, but miraculously none of my scriptures were wet and the only the cover of my Portuguese book took some damage! I am blessed to say the least.

3. Leno
We have a member of the church who lives across the street from us who is super cool! He is like 70 and has some special needs, but every time he sees us he asks when our next baptism will be! The veil really is thin for him as a special Son! If the picture below doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

4. Children are great
In our effort to visit less actives we discovered that a lot of them have children who aren't baptized yet, so we have been teaching some children! 2 of them should get baptized this month, so send your prayers to Iasmyn and Isaque! I just love their young innocence and desire to do what's right!

Make every day count! Scripture of the week is Ether 4.19!
Elder Rawson

Rafael, my Friend, RM.


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