Monday, January 23, 2017

One Soul at a Time

1. Iasmyn Got Baptized!!!!!!!!
This week was super awesome cause we had the baptism of a little girl! When I started the mission we did a lot of street contacts and door knocking, but it wasn't going great so we tried working through less actives, and that is how we found her! Reactivating a family and a baptism sure did raise our spirits though! Nothing is better than seeing someone have the desire to follow Christ and make the covenant of baptism.

2. #FreeEnglish
We had our first English class this week and we were happy to see 50+ non-members show up! It was cool to help people learn the language and explain the basics of our church to people! Funny side story: I stood up with our mission president to announce the start of the class and how it would go, and a woman sitting front and center started to breast feed and converse with us! Apparently it´s normal for the culture here, but I was a bit shocked to say the least! All in all though it was a great experience!

3. Stake Conference
We had stake conference this week! It´s definitely a challenge to bring people, but we were happy to have one of our investigators there! Elder Grahl of the 70 gave a great talk about mission work and how members can help and at the end of his talk he called all the missionaries to the stand and had us sing called to serve! It was funny to see the Carols of the Brazil crying in the crowd:)

4. Lazy Lunch Time
Here in South Brazil there is a lot of influence from Argentina and Uruguay, and one of those things is that people enjoy their nap time after lunch! Between noon and three its basically impossible to get into anyone's house without an appointment, so we try and visit less actives or do service usually.

That´s all folks! Love you all.
Elder Rawson

Psalms 91:2

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