Monday, February 13, 2017

"Athletes Adjust"

1. Hello Santa Maria Centro B!
My first week in the new area was good! I packed up my bags and took a 10 minute taxi ride to my new area which is literally is just one ward to the side. Most transfers are like 5 hours on a bus so I was grateful! My new comp is Elder Olivares, my new buddy from Chili. He´s awesome! He literally thinks I´m famous cause a bunch of people from my last ward honked as they were driving by in the center, funny stuff.
New area

New area
2. Area Mix up
We are dividing the area with another companionship that was already here in the ward, but they gave us the area they didn't  want to work in, which is downtown with apartments and big stores, so basically we spent our first 5 days lost cause we were both new and they left us with 0 investigators! We taught a few new people cause everyone knows that an "athlete adjusts" to his circumstances! Well, the assistants came a calling on Friday and they put us in the right area, so all is well! We were able to visit people on Saturday in a normal neighborhood and got 3 people to church, so all in all I`m happy!

It wasn't the most eventful week but I´m happy to be here in my new area and do my part of His work here in Brazil!

With much love,
Elder Rawson

 Alma 37:37
Member cooking lunch for the elders

We had some champion lunches

At our first lunch the member was wearing a New Holland hat!
Made me think of my Idaho fam

 after 7 months saving my peanut butter from home I opened it with Elder Burton!
 (he´s in my district now, same group in the MTC)

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