Monday, February 20, 2017

Can I Have Some Water Please???

1. Water
Hello everyone! Hope your week was fantastic. Things here in Santa Maria are good! Both me and my comp are new in the area so we've been doing a lot of street contacts and trying to find God´s elects! We´re in a rich neighborhood so when we knock doors no one wants to talk to us, but Brazilian culture says if someone asks for a cup of water you MUST give it to them, so we ask for a lot of water to start conversations! It´s worked out well, and we found a family to work with, so we've been blessed!

2. District Meeting
This week was my first district meeting with my new district! I gave a training on "Teaching with Power" that I hope fired up my Elders seek the Spirit while they teach! Every night I get to call everyone in our district and talk to them about how things are going and help them resolve issues in the area and stuff, so it´s been fun to serve!

3. We´re coming for you less actives
The Bishop gave us a less active list, so we bought a map and have been contacting every one of them! It´s sad to see some people who literally deny us, but the joy of some peoples faces when they see that the Church cares about them is priceless! I`m loving it.

4. Investigators
We´re teaching a woman named Lucinda who is super special! Her husband and both her sons committed suicide at different points of her life, so it´s been amazing to see her joy as she learns about the Plan of Salvation! We´re also teaching a little teenager who wants to get baptized, but his dad worships statues so that makes things difficult, but the Lord will provide a way for Gabriel!

Remember your baptism covenants in Mosiah 18:8-10

-Elder Rawson

A new fan!!

New Apartment - Picture 1

New Apartment - Picture 2 

New Apartment - Picture 3

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