Monday, February 27, 2017

cArNaVaL bRaSiL 2017

Wow, so basically the biggest party of the world is going down right now in Brasil! Street parties got banned in Santa Maria because of all the craziness that happened last year, so our work has gone on as normal. Not a ton of people are receptive and a heck ton of people are drunk, but the 4 day holiday will end of Wednesday! Basically no one went to church so I ended up giving a surprise talk, but I think I was able to put a little fire in their hearts!

2. The Hippies
Santa Maria has it´s fair share of street people/drunks/hippies roaming the city, and since we walk 45 minutes to get to our area we see a bunch! This week a hippie wanted to talk to us and we made friends with him and his little group! They told us which streets to avoid at night and the good neighborhood details! hahahaha love my homies. I also helped a more than slightly intoxicated man find his home this week. He grabbed me by the hand and walkin' a long we went! A member drove by and honked at us so the ward was laughing at me on Sunday.

3. Baptism Invitations
Our focus of the week was to challenge everyone in our teaching group to baptism! We have some good people, but none that are super close to the waters, so the only way to help them is invite them to repent and be worthy to be baptized! People started to understand more of our purpose and now it's in their hands, and we´re praying they use their agency for good!

4. Lose yourself and go to work!
My favorite thing that my companion said this week was when we were walking home on Friday after a long day, and he was like "Dude, you never stop! I've never worked this hard in my life!" It made me ponder about my personal commitment to be a hard working, Christlike missionary! At the end of the day baptisms, service projects, less actives who came back, are all secondary to our personal commitment! I challenge you all to you your best to follow Christ where ever you are at in your lives:)

Feel like your burdens are heavy? Mosiah 24:13-14

Elder Rawson

They closed an area and opened ours, so the housing situation isn't ideal.
We walk a ton!

Eating X (Shiz) to celebrate Carnaval

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