Monday, February 6, 2017

Moving On

1. Transfers!!!
After 6 beautiful months in Salgado Filho I´m pleased to announce that I´ll have a new area! I got moved into downtown Santa Maria, so that should be interesting! It is in the area right next to where I am now. Me and my comp will be new to the area so it might be a little rocky at first, but the Lord will show us what to do! I was also called to be District Leader, so I`m humbled and happy to be able to serve other missionaries as well!

My comp will be a guy from Chile, but I already know him and he's great so I'm excited:)  I'll still have the same address because I'll be in the same city.

2. The Legend of Salgado Filho
My first area was amazing. It´s known in the mission as one of the top 3 wards in the mission, so I was blessed to be able to start my mission there! We literally never had to cook anything in our house cause we always had members giving us food, and the culture here is quite pleasant, so usually the houses we visit serve us a snack! We were able to have success here, and I hope I can bring that into my new ward!

3. The Last Push
This week we decided to visit "White Gate", which is a small city at the very end of our area. There aren't members there and I´d never been there, but we decided to spend the week working there and planting seeds! We gave out more pamphlets than ever and were able to talk to a lot of people who hadn't heard about "the Mormons," so I was happy to share my testimony with them!

4. Study Update
I've really been studying about the power of scripture study in our lives, and I love what Elder Bednar says: "We cannot expect to reap scripture insight unless we pay the price of regular and diligent study." I can honestly say as I've began a serious study of the scriptures as a missionary I've been able to see the light of the Gospel and the hand of the Lord even more in my life! I challenge you all to do a little more and expect blessings:)

Have a good one folks,
Elder Rawson

Walking to a lunch appointment

Our District

Pizza to celebrate my departure

When Dica tells me she smoked again

Elder Rawson & Dica

With Brother Forte -- you might remember the prank he pulled with me and this knife my first day in the field

My two English speaking friends - Pedro and Rubiago

The Bishopric

The most fancy restaurant in the area to end the transfer!

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  1. So happy that your missionary experience is so positive! Bit then, we are talking about our David!! Your old Auntie loves you!