Monday, March 20, 2017

Being an Answer to Someone's Prayer

Hello everyone! I love hearing from you all, you make me so joyous! We had a solid week down here in Santa Maria.

President put us as an extra set of missionaries in the ward to strengthen the ward, so naturally we planned an activity called Fun Night! We made cute little invitations and everything. It was the first activity in months so it really helped the everyone be excited about Church! Our investigators loved the pie smashing in the face activity and getting to know members!

2. God answers prayers through his missionaries
Wow, so this week we were walking down the street talking to people and we found a woman named Rose and her son Pedro! They just moved to the city so they don't know anyone and Rose is looking for a job. We used the Church resources here to help her look for good jobs and she went to Church and now knows a bunch of people! In our last lesson she started crying saying how hard things had been and she prayed for God to send her help, and the next day we showed up and starting talking to her:) There is no better feeling than knowing you were an answer to someones prayer!

3. More miracles of the week
This week we were walking home after a long day and I was ready for a shower and my bed! It's not uncommon for random people to stop us to talk about Trump or ask us for many, and a guy showed up and asked if he could talk for a minute. I was about to be like no, sorry, but the Spirit was like Give him a chance! So we went along talking and he got baptized 5 years ago but has been inactive since, but has had some changes in his life and he wants to return the Church and serve a mission! I can't even imagine what would have happened if I would of denied him. I´m grateful for the Spirit helping me out in my moments of weakness!

Well, there's a bit from my week! I´m on cloud 9 because we had FOUR investigators at church:) the mission brings more happiness than words can describe.

-Elder Rawson
Mormon 9:21
My District


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