Monday, March 27, 2017

Dropping the Hammer

1. Baptism Invites
Hellooooo my friends! This week was pretty splendid to say the least. We're working some more with Rose and Pedro and they´re moving along just great! They went to church again and are loving the friendship they have with the members and the Spirit they feel! The Gospel really is a big happy family after all. We invited them to be baptized and they said they "Need to talk to God about it first" so I was pretty happy with that!

2. Gabriel complications
We're still teaching our little friend Gabriel! He´s a 12 year old kid who has members who are neighbors who help him cause his family situation isn't great... We showed up for a lesson there Thursday and turns out his dad is the head of a Macumba group (witchcraft) and they were having a "meeting" so we scattled out of there real quick! He wants to be baptized but we're not sure how it'll work out... But the Lord knows his children and we know that whatever happens will be the best thing for him!

3. The power of family nights
Thats right people, FHE is a huge focus here in Brazil! It´s a good time to get together with your family to have a little fun, have a spiritual message, and then of course share a treat! Tonight we're going to take Rose and Pedro to a family night with President Louza and Wednesday our ward mission leader is having us and our best investigators over! It´s such a powerful tool in missionary work and also strengthens families! If you're not having a family night, repent and start now:)

Everyone get ready for Conference weekend, it´ll be a good one!
D&C 1:38

Elder Rawson

My comp

my homie Elder Capistrano

Laundry day!

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