Monday, March 13, 2017

Get 'Em Boys!

1. Exchanges
HELLO everybody! Love hearing from all you, hope everyone is well. This week was a week of exchanges with my district! It´s always nice to work with a new missionary and see what things they do well and apply them to your own mission. Splits also mean Pizza and Xis(pronounced shiz, Brazilian hamburgers) so we ate well this week!
Splits  Adventures

2. Ward mission leader visits
So our ward mission leader is great! He´s always making us churrasco and taking care of us, but he also puts us to work! Once a week we go out with him and he shows us less actives to visit and old investigators to try and teach again! He´s always laughing and smiling and is truly an example of magnifying your calling!

lunch with Brother Chico

3. The Dog
It´s been pretty hard for us to do "unplanned" service here because people here think it´s a sign of weakness to accept help, but the Lord blessed us with a chance! We saw an old man walking his MASSIVE pit-bull and it got away from him and took off down the street, so naturally we took off after it! We made it a good kilometer down the road before we were able to calm him down and shoo him back to us owner! He was super grateful and we have an appointment to teach him this week so I'm  happy as can be! The Lord blesses us in mysterious ways:)

4. Rain Complications
So when it rains here, it pours to say the least! 90% of people don´t have cars, so when it rains people just hide in the houses, which makes our work difficult. We had half the amount of people at sacrament meeting from our ward this week. We´re doing our best to use our creative forces to teach, but the next time you see a little rain storm, pray for the missionaries in Brazil!!!

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

D&C 78:7

filling out my March Madness Bracket with Elder Burton!

Pictures from my mini hike adventure

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