Monday, March 6, 2017


1. English Class
Hello folks! I hope your week was as joyous as mine. The English class the American missionaries teach here in the city is going great! Suellen got baptized on Saturday, so I guess it´s going well! I take turns teaching the kid class and the adults basics, and it´s hilarious when they ask how to say something I have to think of how to translate it back into English! See below for a low quality picture with my high quality class.

2. Exchanges with Elder Burton
One of the highlights of the week was the division I did with Elder Burton! We´re from the same group in the MTC and we sat by each other on the plane, so it was great to go to work with him! He´s from Draper so it was good to have some laughs about Utah things as well. We found chicken nuggets that we ate for dinner so we were a happy bunch! Love that kid!

3. Mr. Donald Trump
Since not many exciting things happen here in Brazil, the news stations talk a ton about Trump and our politics and stuff, so basically everyone here asks me about what I think. Since Trump is a hater on immigrants to the US, no one here likes him so I take some heat sometimes. A guy drove by us the other day and yelled "Stupid American! You voted for Trump, didn't you? You aren't welcome in Brazil!" I just laughed to be honest.

4. All love, no commitment
Brazilians are amazing people, and tons of people are open to accepting our visits, but it´s tough to find people who are willing to 'experiment on the good word of God' and actually keep our commitments! We´re working hard to help people truly come to know the Savior and accept his gospel!

With love,
Elder Rawson
James 1:12

This is our monthly mission letter! I made it in for my "diligence in writing in my journal" #100%

The words in blue are the English translation of what Elder Rawson said about journal writing.

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